Riot reveal early surrender and LP changes to counter AFK League players

League of legends logo on graphicRiot Games

Riot Games has revealed that new changes are coming to League of Legends to prevent AFK players from ruining matches and costing others to lose LP in ranked modes.

As with many online multiplayer titles, League of Legends also suffers from players going idle or “AFK,” whether intentionally or not, leaving their teammates to continue on at a significant disadvantage.

While Riot has added measures to stop people from leaving matches, they are now bringing in some long-awaited changes to prevent innocent players from being punished.

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Afk screen in League of LegendsRiot Games
More features are coming to deal with AFK players in League of Legends.

During their latest ‘Behavioral Systems’ blog post on July 31, Riot dev Cody ‘Codebear’ Germain updated fans with their plans to improve League’s matchmaking.

The LoL Product Lead explained that they have recently focused on “mitigating the impact” that behaviors, such as going idle, have on other players.

It was revealed that they are also ‘digging into new solutions’ that would improve the matchmaking experience and listed some of the changes that League players can expect to see within the next few months.

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Upcoming League of Legends AFK changes

  • Early surrender options when we identify an AFK early in your game.
  • LP mitigation for those in ranked games that have an AFK or intent to lose behaviors on their team during a loss.
  • Stricter Queue lockouts for those that disconnect / AFK.
  • Pre-queue warnings for those that have disrupted games previously.

These changes will not come all at once, however, with Codebear announcing that they will be experimenting with each of them, similar to the ‘Champion Select’ report and mute features.

As of now, it is unclear when exactly these changes will be added but the Riot dev claimed that “at least one experiment” will be live in the next month.

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