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Reckful pulls off epic clutch in Pokimane’s $15k Teamfight Tactics tournament

Published: 4/Jul/2019 21:50 Updated: 4/Jul/2019 22:08

by Alan Bernal


Twitch streamer Reckful was amazed at an incredible clutch he managed to pull off on July 4 during Pokimane’s $15,000 League of Legends streamers and Twitch personalities are throwing down the gauntlet for the inaugural Teamfight Tactics Thursday hosted by Pokimane along with LCS casters Mark Zimmerman and Sam ‘Kobe’ Hartman-Kenzler.

Early reception for Teamfight Tactics has been great, but a lot of players are noticing just how reliant the autobattler is on random number generator (RNG) elements throughout a given match.

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Riot GamesThe game has been really popular with players and has been producing amazing plays.

This came to light in the best way possible during the tournament when Reckful had just 3 health left and was pushed to the brink until his decked out Ashe came to save the day.


“Okay, I think we’re dead huh?” Reckful surmised, as he noticed his Mordekaiser fall leaving only Ashe remaining against seven of streamer ‘Yassuo’s characters. “[Ashe] can’t kill everyone. Wait… Holy shit! Ok, wait. We’re alive!”

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It was an incredible and unlikely comeback to be sure as it seems Yassuo was not in favor with the RNG-gods for that round.

At the edge of elimination, Reckful’s unit was able to attack the right targets at the right time which let the streamer pull off the 1v7 clutch with a 50% health Ashe.

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How did Ashe manage to clean the board?

While there’s a lot that contributed to the epic moment, a key factor was that Reckful’s Kindred was able to get her ultimate off before dying. That stalled long enough for a full-health Ashe to lay into the enemy team.

Speaking of, Ashe was on three full items but had an important one in the Runaan’s Hurricane which has a passive that lets the champ attack two additional targets with every auto attack.

Moreover, because Ashe was in the corner, it seems like only two spots were open near here for the CPU to register for attack. It’s because of this that viewers will notice that at one point four of Yassuo’s melee champions weren’t doing anything at all.


Reckful TwitchAt this point everyone would start typing “GG.”
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Then it was a simple matter of Yassuo’s melee pieces funneling into the two open spots near Ashe which froze any character not in there since they technically had nothing to do, especially highlighted by Rengar just stopping mid-board since Cho’Gath already claimed the only open spot to attack.

The clip is one of the strangest elements of autobattlers which can be very tilting, but offered an amazing example that in Teamfight Tactics good positioning and better RNG can win rounds.