Deadly bug found with League of Legends new champion Qiyana

Riot Games

League of Legends players are used to new champions disrupting the game shortly after release but not many were prepared for a deadly bug the Qiyana is bringing to the Rift.

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Buried under all the hype of Riot Game’s autobattler Teamfight Tactics, the company introduced their 145th champion to the game on June 28 in the form of an elemental assassin which has been met with mixed reception to say the least.

As players test out new strategies and different items with her, there’s bound to be a few builds that become more problematic that others, which definitely seems to be the case with the latest bug to be found.

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Riot GamesPlayers are better off avoiding AP Qiyana when she comes chasing.

In a Reddit thread, user ‘CASCOM’ pointed out a bug with an ability power (AP) build for the Empress of Elements that seems to be helping the new champ basically 1-shot any opponent caught by its Liandry’s burn.

“Had a game with a Qiyana who built AP and her Liandry’s burn was basically 1 shotting everyone,” CASCOM said. “In the gif you can see me the Kayn dying from 1 tick of Ludens Echo gif. Gif2 Trist gets hit with 1 spell as well and dies through yuumi heals.”

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In the attached videos, it shows Kayn kiting back the invading team under his tower, when his Taliyah got hit by the enemy Qiyana’s spell. This proced her Luden’s Echo to damage nearby champions, hitting the Kayn.

While the Luden’s Echo still did a hefty amount of damage to Kayn, the bug seems to have come after with the unique passive of Liandry’s Torment. It looks like the only thing Kayn gets hit with in the gif is the Luden’s Echo passive, but the Liandry’s burn actually takes him from over 50% health to a grey screen.

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What’s causing this Qiyana bug?

Players have been scratching their heads as to what may be causing the influx of damage to come through with the prolonged burn and some people might be onto something.

“The bonus damage to target below 50% is getting applied on each Liandri tick imo,” user ‘cashthebest’ said. “No way that’s not a bug.”

As for a thorough explanation, user ‘piotrj3’ went into the client’s Practice Tool to investigate further as to why it could be happening.

Riot GamesIt looks like some builds are far more deadly on the latest champ Qiyana.
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“Nevermind, Qiyana apparently procs her passive on W together with liandry, regardless how much hp target has. While I copied masteries from that guy in video and applied it to practise tool, I realized Liandry can do per proc up to 300 dmg per tick, with around ~~600 ap morello, sorc shoes and void staff. Meanwhile Morde with same build with additional 25% pene on E, can’t surpass 90 dmg per tick. Keep in mind I am talking about puppet from practise tool with 10000 hp and 100 mr. Additional dmg on top of liandry corresponds to numbers on Qiyana W. You can actually get linadry and still build ad since W scales with AD too, just not as far as ap does.”

It seems like the bug can be reproduced, which wouldn’t be very fun to play against if Qiyana-mains start to abuse the effect.

Riot Games will be sure to patch a bug this potent as soon as possible, since it looks like it could have massive ramifications if it goes unchecked.