Nifty League of Legends trick gives Rek’Sai ‘hypermobility’ on the Rift

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A newly discovered mechanic in League of Legends makes tunnels that Rek’Sai leaves behind even more difficult to deal with, giving the Void Burrower “hypermobility” on the Rift.

One of the fearsome Void-spawns on the Champion roster, Rek’Sai has a kit that gives her incredible amounts of maneuverability in the game. Her ‘Tunnel’ ability creates an underground, reusable passageway that lets her traverse terrain.

While these tunnels can be destroyed by simply standing over them, League of Legends coaching YouTuber ‘TheNoghri’ found that some burrows can be left on one side of a wall on the Rift that Rek’Sai can still use from the other side.

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“If you tunnel next to certain walls, you can enter your tunnels from the far side of the wall. It’s useful in all kinds of situations,” they said.

TheNoghri YouTube
Even though Rek’Sai is next to the blue buff, her tunnel on the other side of the wall is still usable.

The mechanic works exactly the same way as a Thresh lantern, in that if it’s placed next to a wall, an ally on the other side could still click on it to take the Dark Passage if it’s close enough.

But in this instance, instead of a one-time placement, a properly placed Rek’Sai tunnel can open up the game even more for the apex predator.

“Pathing will definitely be a plus, but the thing I’m really excited for is a guaranteed escape from dragon and baron steal attempts,” TheNoghri explained in response to someone noting the extensive pathing options this gives the champion.

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One of the more exciting developments this allows for is a fair better chance of getting into the Baron/Dragon pit to set up a crucial Smite steal.

Although, they say that the Tunnel positions for either pit are “unfortunately pretty precise” to nail down. But a bit of practice and steady nerve for when the time comes can give Rek’Sai’s a better chance to contest important objectives.

It’s unclear if this will get the attention of League devs since there are other abilities in the game that offer a similar result, but in either case, it’s bound to be a popular trick among Rek’Sai players looking to gain more control of the map.

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