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New League of Legends champion Samira’s abilities leaked

Published: 29/Aug/2020 11:55

by Daniel Cleary


League of Legends leaks have revealed an early look at abilities for the new 151st champion, Samira, in patch 10.19’s PBE game files.

After reaching 150 unique champions in League of Legends with Yone and Lillia, Riot seems to be showing no signs of slowing down as yet another character could soon be on their way to Summoner’s Rift.

It was previously revealed that Samira, the Desert Rose was one of the next champions planned and new game files have been leaked from PBE, suggesting that she might be released a bit earlier than expected.

Yone from league of legends
Riot Games
Yet another new champion could be coming to League of Legends following the introduction of Yone and Lillia.

New League champion Samira abilities leaked

Following the introduction of the secret Rank S emote and mission in League of Legends to tease the new champion, an early look at Samira’s abilities has now been revealed.


While we are yet to see these new abilities in action, new content for League patch 10.19 was apparently pushed to PBE, on August 29, according to Surrenderat20.

This champion leak revealed that these new abilities would be based around a”Style Rating”, and also featured loading screens for the champion, a new PsyOps skin, and more.

This Assassin Marksman has quite an unusual set of abilities but it seems as if landing combos is going to be crucial on this champion, with each successful combo improving her Style Rating and boosting stats like movement speed from the “E” to “S” grade.


Despite being labeled as a marksman, some of Samira’s abilities would suggest otherwise, as her “EQ” combo seems similar to that of Yasuo’s, allowing her to get up close and personal by dashing through opponents to deal damage.

However, as of now, we are yet to see just how this unique playstyle could fare against other champions in her class, but she should be coming to PBE soon.

It is worth noting that as with all leaks, Riot could still change many of these abilities or stats ahead of the champion’s expected release. You can find the full ability list below.


Samira abilities in League of Legends

Daredevil Impulse (P)

  • Samira builds a combo by hitting Attacks or abilities unique from the previous hit. Each one increases her Style, from “E” to “S” grade (6 total). Samira gains X% Movement Speed per grade.
  • Samira’s attacks in melee range deal an additional X magic damage, increased up to X based on the target’s missing Health.
  • Samira’s Attacks against enemies affected by Immobilizing effects Knock Up for 0.5 seconds and deal damage over 6 separate attacks. Samira dashes into range against targets slightly outside her Attack range.

Flair (Q)

  • Samira fires a shot, dealing X physical damage to the first enemy hit.
  • If this ability is cast towards an enemy in melee range, Samira will instead slash with her sword, dealing X physical damage.
  • Either hit can critically strike for 25% bonus damage.
  • If cast during Wild Rush, Samira will strike all enemies in her path upon completion.

Blade Whirl (W)

  • Samira slashes around her for 1 second, damaging enemies twice for X physical damage each and destroying any enemy missiles that enter the area.

Wild Rush (E)

  • Samira dashes through an enemy or ally, slashing enemies she passes through and gaining Attack Speed. Killing an enemy champion refreshes this ability’s cooldown.

Inferno Trigger (R)

  • Samira can only use this ability if her current Style rating is S.
  • Samira unleashes a torrent of shots from her weapons, wildly shooting all enemies surrounding her 10 times over 2 seconds, each shot dealing X physical damage and applying lifesteal. Each shot can also critically strike.