LoL’s Statikk Shiv disrupts LCK match again after player mistakenly asks for pause

Jeremy Gan
League of LEgends Zeri Splash art

Statikk Shiv has once again disrupted an LCK match after Gen G’s Doran asked for a pause, thinking the powerful item had glitched, when in reality, he hadn’t actually purchased it. 

Over the past few months, there has been one League of Legends item which has been making headlines across the esports scene: Statikk Shiv. 

Making its comeback after years of absence from the game, it returned to many bugs and was generally deemed too overpowered. To the point of many memes, and even a fake infomercial from the LCS talents

Because of its problems, it was briefly banned in pro play as the Summer Split started in different regions. But with the ban and then its sudden reinstatement into the game, it left many players unaware of whether or not they could even buy it.

During the most recent Group Stage match of the LCK Summer Split 2023 between Gen G and BRION, game two was suddenly paused in the middle of play. The reasoning?

As explained by LCK reporter Kevin Kim, the pause came when Gen G’s Doran noticed that his Statikk Shiv effect was not proccing and thought something was wrong with it. In reality, the reason why it was not proccing was because he hadn’t actually purchased it yet.

As pointed out by Kim, just four weeks into the LCK Split and there have been three different pauses because of issues relating to Statikk Shiv.

The first was due to KT Rolster’s Aiming buying it while it was banned. The second was when Dplus’ Showmaker bought it but their opponent, BRION paused the game due to confusion about whether it was still banned. And of course, the third was Doran’s recent mishap.

As for whether LCK viewers will be treated to another pause in the future because of Statikk Shiv, it’s up in the air. But with every single pause, its meme potential grows larger. 

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