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When is LoL’s Twisted Treeline getting removed?

Published: 7/Nov/2019 3:55 Updated: 7/Nov/2019 4:16

by Andrew Amos


After seven years of service, League of Legends’ 3v3 map, Twisted Treeline, will be retired to the vault, joining the likes of Dominion and the Crystal Scar in the graveyard.

The map was intended to bring a faster-paced experience to the game, but the mode lost its charm over the years. With a dwindling player base, Riot has made the decision to pull the plug.

Riot announced in August the queue would be getting removed from LoL, but only recently confirmed the exact date, and what will be on offer for dedicated players of the game mode.

Riot GamesThe end for Twisted Treeline is nigh.

When will Twisted Treeline be disabled in League of Legends?

Twisted Treeline will be disabled at the end of Season 9. Patch 9.22 will be the final patch where the 3v3 game mode is enabled, with Patch 9.23 bringing in the pre-season 10 changes.

Season 9 ends on November 19 at 12am PT, which is 3am ET. The season ends at different times across different regions, so look in-game to check what time your region will be closing off Twisted Treeline for good.

What rewards will be offered to Twisted Treeline players?

Riot isn’t leaving Twisted Treeline fans hanging without compensation. Players who played ranked Twisted Treeline in Season 9 will still be able to access Victorious Aatrox and other competitive rewards depending on their rank. However, there will not be a Twisted Treeline specific chroma.

Riot are also rewarding players who stuck by the queue throughout the years. In Patch 9.23, players who played at least 10 games of Twisted Treeline will receive an in-game icon. 50 game veterans will receive an emote as well as an icon, while 100 game veterans will get an additional icon, commemorating their service to the game mode.

These rewards will only be handed out to players who played Twisted Treeline before the announcement on November 6.

Riot GamesTT players will receive a Vilemaw emote if they played more than 50 games.

Will Twisted Treeline ever return to League of Legends?

It’s tough to say if Twisted Treeline would ever make a return to League of Legends. If they do decide to bring it back, Riot will have to reintroduce a whole bunch of new balances to the game mode, and update it to reflect the modern state of League.

Dominion has never been brought back since it was disabled in season five, although the Crystal Scar has made appearances in the rotating game mode Ascension. The game mode gave veteran players a bit of nostalgia, but game modes like that generally can’t sustain a player base for more than a few weeks.

Riot GamesSome League players want Riot to save Vilemaw, adding her to Summoner’s Rift or Teamfight Tactics.

Maybe the map itself will make a return, but it’s unlikely Twisted Treeline as a 3v3 mode will ever see the light of day in League again.

Players who want to say farewell to the map will have just under two weeks to do so. While games from now on will no longer count towards the rewards, it might be your last chance to play one of League’s earliest game modes.

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Everything we know about TFT Set 5: champions, traits, release date

Published: 28/Jan/2021 4:39

by Andrew Amos


With the TFT Fates Mid-Set update, Festival of Beasts, now live, all eyes are turned towards what Set 5 could potentially bring. We’ve got all the latest news, including leaked champions and traits, as well as a release date, right here.

TFT is just about to hit its second anniversary, and the celebrations are expected to be massive. In fact, they’re going to be so big that players are going to be treated to a whole new set as June 26 comes around.

TFT Set 5 is expected to come a bit earlier than that, and we already know a few details about what to expect. Here’s what you need to know, from the champions and traits already teased, to the official release date, and more.

TFT Set 5 champions & traits

TFT Set 5 has been described as the “most dramatic set yet.” TFT designer TJ ‘GreenTeej’ Bourus really sold it that way at the “TFT in 2021” reveal early in January.

“Corruption is nigh, and the balance between good and evil has tilted. The rising tension could yield great consequence in the convergence, so we’ll need you to restore the balance,” he said.

Segment begins at 2:04.

There are some champions we know are coming though based on that reveal. These include:

  • Darius (God King skin)
  • Garen (God King skin)
  • Volibear (The Thousand-Pierced Bear skin)
  • Morgana (Coven skin)
  • Viego (base skin)
  • Teemo (Little Devil skin)
  • Riven (Dawnbringer skin)

The addition of Viego could be primed for more characters in Ruined King ⁠— the first game developed under Riot Forge ⁠— to join the set too.

That’d mean the potential return of: Ahri, Braum, Pyke, Illaoi, Miss Fortune, Thresh, Yasuo, Gangplank, Maokai, Senna, Lucian, and Ryze. All of these champions feature in Ruined King, and have all been a part of the TFT roster in previous sets.

As for traits, Riot have been tightlipped about these. However, with the “Good vs Evil” theme locked in, you can expect Demacia vs Noxus warfare in some capacity.

We will update this section as more information arises.

Viego in League of Legends
Riot Games
Viego’s addition in TFT Set 5 is a big hint towards what champions could be added, including Pyke, Illaoi, and Thresh.

When is TFT Set 5 releasing?

TFT Set 5 is locked in for “Spring 2021,” according to Riot, but there’s a more precise date likely nailed down. With the Fates II Pass expiring on May 11, it’s likely TFT Set 5 will release on May 12 ⁠— lining up with patch 11.10’s release date.

There’s still some time left to grind Fates, but once TFT patch 11.10 rolls around, the set will be retired for the time being. One can hope it may return in a new game mode ⁠— something Riot has planned for 2021.