LEC star Adam explains why Team BDS benched him

Carver Fisher
Team BDS Adam explains why he was benched

Adam was replaced by Jenax for Team BDS’ LEC playoffs set due to “unforeseen circumstances”, and, amid rumors and reports he was replaced due to being toxic to his teammates, Adam gave his side of the story.

Team BDS’ sudden move to sub out Adam for Jenax raised a lot of questions amongst both fans of BDS and the LEC in general, especially considering how strong this top laner’s performance has been recently.

However, it’s since been reported by Sheep Esports that Adam was benched due to being toxic to his teammates. While Adam somewhat corroborated the information presented in this report, he also claimed the way that report told his story wasn’t accurate.

Here’s what Adam had to say about why he got benched despite his strong individual performance.

Team BDS Adam admits he has “anger problems”

Suspicions were raised when Adam was spotted playing solo queue during Team BDS’ LEC playoffs set, the one he would have been playing in if he wasn’t off the team due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

The LEC approved the rare substitution, claiming that it was an “emergency” that they approved in order for Team BDS to be able to play. And, despite not having Adam, their crucial Playoffs set against MAD Lions KOI was incredibly close at 3-2. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume the team could have won if they started Adam.

In the hours following Team BDS’ loss, Adam took to Twitter to explain what happened and address accusations made toward him.

“What prompted BDS to bench me at the end of the split was indeed a discussion that took on certain extremes with Striker, my Head Coach.” Adam explained. “These extremes prompted BDS to bench me temporarily to make me realize that my actions have consequences, and I accepted them.”

He went on to explain how he likes both his teammates and Head Coach Striker, apologizing for how he treated them and lamenting that he wasn’t able to play when it mattered most.

“Yes, I have anger problems and this was the point I needed to work on most on my side for this year. I don’t agree with the way the article turned out, inevitably making me look like someone I’m not. It’s also very important for me to apologize, to BDS and to you who tirelessly support us match after match, day after day.”


He continued, “I’m a great competitor, and my anger issues are a result of that. Nevertheless, I try to be a better human being every day, and that’s why BDS has chosen to continue with me this year, because the monster described in this article is simply not me.”

According to Adam, he’ll be sticking with Team BDS despite everything that’s happened.

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