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LEC host Sjokz responds to Fnatic speech backlash

Published: 18/Oct/2020 11:40

by Luke Edwards


League of Legends Worlds 2020 host Eefje ‘Sjokz’  Depoortere has responded to backlash over her speech after game two of Fnatic’s quarterfinal versus Top Esports.

After Fnatic emphatically won the first two games of the best-of-five, Sjokz delivered a passionate speech, hyping up Fnatic and the LEC, and downplaying the dominance of the LPL.


Top Esports were the favorites to win the whole tournament, so Fnatic going up 2-0 and pushing them to the brink of elimination was a big shock. The stage was set for the LEC and Fnatic to provide one of Worlds’ greatest ever upsets.


However, with a team like Top in contention, it’s never over until it’s over. Top went on to win the next three games in the series in the first reverse sweep in Worlds history.

Fnatic was eliminated, Top progressed to the semifinals and Sjokz was left with egg on her face.

Sjokz responds to backlash

Unsurprisingly, Sjokz’ speech attracted quite a lot of attention. While some just enjoyed the passion on show, others have found an opportunity to trash talk Fnatic and the LEC. The transcription has already been established as a spicy piece of copypasta, which will probably be used to meme Fnatic for quite some time.

After the match, Sjokz defended the segment on Twitter, explaining “our production team and myself made the editorial decision to run it, with the goal of creating meaningful and impactful content.”

It’s fair to say many were hyped up by Sjokz’ words:

But despite her explanation, she still split opinion. The next day, she added further clarification as some fans continued to be critical of the segment. “It’s clear my segment didn’t land with everyone as I wanted it to, and that’s okay!”

Sjokz doesn’t hide her support for the LEC when teams are up against other regions, as it’s the league she works in most often. Her timing of a speech about LEC brilliance before the series was done though, was unfortunate to say the least.


G2 fans will be hoping Sjokz doesn’t deliver a similar speech if they go 2-0 up in their quarter-final vs Gen.G.


MIBR reportedly set to secure LUCAS1, vsm, leo_drunky for CSGO rebuild

Published: 18/Oct/2020 5:11 Updated: 18/Oct/2020 5:15

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


MIBR, one of the biggest Brazilian esports organizations, is looking to rebuild its CSGO roster for 2021 and beyond, and it seems like they’ve got their sights set on LUCAS1, vsm, and leo_drunky.

MIBR’s CSGO team has gone through a bit of a rollercoaster ride lately. Last month, they dropped two star players, TACO and fer, and coach dead after a major coaching scandal. Then, FALLEN left due to his dissatisfaction with their decision.


All in all, losing the old SK core has forced the organization to rebuild the team from scratch. However, it seems like they’ve already got three replacement players and a coach in mind.

If the rumors are true, MIBR is interested in adding Leonardo ‘leo_drunky’ Oliveira, Lucas ‘LUCAS1’ Teles, and Vinicius ‘vsm’ Moreira to the roster. They’re also keen on Raphael ‘cogu’ Camargo as the coach, according to the report from Brazilian news site Globo Esporte.


LUCAS1 is a perfect candidate for MIBR

LUCAS1 played for MIBR in 2019, where he spent six months in the squad before moving on to Imperial e-Sports. He spent almost a year with Imperial, before suddenly leaving the squad just a few weeks ago.

LUCAS1 joined MIBR on loan back in 2019.

It’s easy to understand why he might be a good choice for MIBR’s rebuild. He’s experienced, reliable, and available. LUCAS1 has been in the scene for six years, and he’s racked up four top-tier titles, three second-place finishes, and three top-four finishes.

It’s fair to say that he’s a solid career, and he’ll be sure to be a reliable acquisition.


VSM is talented but controversial

Vsm is one of the most promising players in the Brazilian scene, but he’s also quite controversial. In 2018, Valve cottoned on to the fact that he received a VAC ban sometime in the past, and they’ve banned him from attending any Valve events ever since.

Vsm has proven himself to be an incredible talent despite the controversy surrounding his ban.

Still, that doesn’t prevent him from competing in other competitions. He’s currently signed with DETONA Gaming, and he’s been doing great. MIBR competes in a lot of them too, and that means his ban shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

After all, if they’re calling him out as an ideal candidate, it seems like they’re not too fussed.


Leo_drunky could pave the way for MIBR’s future

Leo_drunky currently plays for Sharks Esports, and he’s proven himself to be a valuable member of their team.

He might not have as many accolades as the other candidates on the list. A couple of decent finishes in lower-tier tournaments is the best he’s done. But he’s the youngest of them all, and potentially has the brightest future ahead.

Leo_drunky is only twenty years old and could be a valuable member of the team for years to come.

Finally, the team will still need a coach, and MIBR seems to think Raphael ‘cogu’ Camargo might be the perfect man for the job. The 35-year-old veteran has been retired for a while now. In his prime though, he helped MIBR win ESCW 2006 in the 1.6 days.

Of course, these are all whispers in the wind until MIBR makes an official statement. But if the rumors are true, it’s a promising line-up and one that could help the organization get back on the right track.

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