League players clown on new MSI sponsor Durex: “Makes your games last longer”

Declan Mclaughlin
LPL durex partnership logo

Durex, the condom and lubricant brand, has signed multiple partnership deals with Riot Games for the Chinese League of Legends league, the LPL, MSI, and the League World Championship. Fans took to Twitter to make fun of the new partnership.

League of Legends esports watchers will see a new brand on the broadcast in Durex as the condom brand has signed multiple partnerships with Riot Games to appear on the LPL, MSI, and Worlds broadcasts.

League fans found the partnership funny, because of the usual gamer stereotypes, and clowned on the announcement.

“Makes your games last longer,” one Twitter user said in response to the LPL Fanclub announcing the news.

“They really think League players leave their room,” another said.


Others wondered if the partnership would see Durex put LPL player’s faces on condoms.

“How am I going to focus opening one if has a f****** Yu ‘JackeyLove’ Wen-Bo face on it,” a person said in response.

Fans of the LPL also poked fun at players that have had scandals in the post around women like Tang ‘huanfeng’ Huan-Feng and Li ‘Xiaohu’ Yuan-Hao.

Durex partnership comes to LPL, MSI and Worlds

This is Durex’s first foray into League of Legends esports partnerships but not the company’s first deal in the esports industry. According to The Esports Advocate, Durex sponsored a Naraka Bladepoint event in 2022.

League fans should see the partnership come to fruition on the MSI broadcast as the international tournament is set to start on May 2 with the play-in stage. The other events involved in the partnership, the LPL and Worlds, will start after the tournament with Worlds tentatively scheduled to begin on October 10.

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