League of Legends players furious at “disaster” Ivern midscope update

Carver Fisher
Ivern players furious at disaster midscope update

Ivern is one of the most unique champions in League of Legends, but also one of the least played. His upcoming midscope update aims to fix that, but many longtime Ivern players are confused and frustrated with the direction Riot took with his changes.

Conceptually, Ivern is unlike any other champion in League of Legends. He’s an enchanter meant to be played in the jungle, bringing a kit that’s feels like something you’d see from a support into an entirely different role.

He’s not the most popular pick, but his playstyle has given him a dedicated following of players who love his counterjungling mechanics and and ability to augment his teammates anywhere on the map. His midscope update aims to make him even better at helping his teammates out.

However, the buffs that Ivern’s midscope update brought also came with a fair share of nerfs. Longtime Ivern players aren’t happy with the proposed changes at all, leading some of them to call this rework a “disaster” before it’s even hit live servers.

Ivern midscope update labelled a “disaster” ahead of release

Candy King Ivern
Dedicated Ivern mains aren’t happy with the new set of changes

With Ivern having such strong counter jungling potential and a kit that works well with minimal income, he has the potential to be an absolute menace if he ends up being a meta champion.

However, the fact that he’s easily invaded when he doesn’t have Smite up and severely lacks burst damage has held him back from being a meta mainstay.

Ivern players were hopeful that these changes would fix some of the things gating him from being played, but the general impression seems to be that Riot have taken a step in the wrong direction.

LS, a League of Legends analyst, coach, and known Ivern enthusiast, is extremely unhappy with the changes. He thought Ivern was in a good spot even if the champion wasn’t the most popular pick in the world, and that he’ll end up being more difficult to play around than before due to the new changes.

While Ivern got some buffs in the form of his shield being stronger on backline carries that are out of melee range and bonus magic damage on auto attacks for his teammates, and Daisy having an AoE knockup on activation, he also got some significant nerfs.

These nerfs include less damage and an increased cooldown on his shield, bushes that disappear when Ivern loses vision in them, and various nerfs to his jungle clearing passive. Many players believe he’ll be stronger as a support champion than in the jungle Players on reddit aren’t happy with the changes either.

A lengthy reddit post detailing some of the issues with Ivern’s current version and how the midscope doesn’t solve those problems has generated traction within the LoL community and sparked a conversation among players who don’t want to see these changes go live.

Ultimately, players won’t know whether or not these changes are good until they actually get to live servers. But, if players’ initial reactions are anything to go off of, there’s a possibility Ivern’s midscope doesn’t land.

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