LoL devs inadvertently nerf Ivern by adding buff sharing for all champs on PBE

Dunkmaster Ivern skin splash artRiot Games

League of Legends developer Riot Games has inadvertently nerfed Ivern after his rework was delayed by introducing buff sharing on the PBE.

League of Legends is a rather large game. With over 160 champions at of the time of writing, it’s impossible for the team at Riot to keep all the characters balanced and up to date. As such, Riot has been introducing several mid-scope updates for champions, with the most recently announced one being for Rell.

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One mid-scope update that was in the works was for Ivern. Originally slated for Patch 13.10, the rework was pushed back after community backlash from the players.

Despite pushing back his mid-scope update, Riot announced that they did not want to delay the universal buff sharing that they had in mind. This buff sharing allowed junglers to gain a second copy of a buff (either red or blue), which could be shared with a teammate that walked nearby it.

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Riot indirectly nerfs Ivern with introduction of new buff sharing

This happens to be a rather unfortunate nerf to our tree friend Ivern, who was able to share buffs with his teammates before this change. Now that Ivern’s rework has been pushed back, the champion will become even more irrelevant, as he lost a key aspect of his kit that made him unique.

Despite this being a bit of a loss for Ivern, this is a rather large quality-of-life update that can have major impacts on the game. Buff sharing means there will be more buffs available throughout a match, which could drastically change neutral objectives for each team.

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Ivern’s mid-scope update has been removed for the moment it appears, as the tweet mentions they won’t be shipping the changes, despite it being planned for 13.11. Unfortunately for our supportive jungler Ivern, he may have to wait just a bit longer to receive any form of love.

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