League of Legends item Jak’Sho comes with insane champion-killing easter egg

league of legends the void splash imageRiot Games

The new tank item Jak’Sho in League of Legends has been murdering players whom the item has deemed worthy”.

Keen-eyed League of Legends players have noticed a rather bizarre easter egg with one of the new tank items introduced in season 13.

Jak’Sho, the Protean, is one of the newest tank mythic items introduced in the preseason of season 13. Since that time it’s been an incredibly powerful item, being effectively run by bruisers and fighters alike.

Players running the Jak’Sho item have just noticed an intriguing easter egg that only occurs once a game has finished. Champions that have built Jak’Sho and have performed particularly well receive a text message at the end of the game.

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This message would then execute the champion, as well as give the shutdown gold to yourself.

No one is quite sure how to repeat the easter egg or cause it to proc. Some players speculated that potentially having a perfect KDA at the end of the match would cause it, whilst others believed it may relate to the current bounty or killstreak the player may have.

Another potential theory players have come up with relates to the resistances that the champion has, this would relate well to the item as it grants the user stacking magic resist and armor while in combat. No matter how true the theory, there hasn’t been a confirmed method of getting this easter egg to reliably trigger.

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This easter egg has been around since Jak’Sho’s inception at the start of preseason and could potentially be a teaser for a new void champion. However, it’s unlikely we’ll see any void champions being released anytime soon with Riot releasing details on the next two champions, as well as the Skarner VGU.