League of Legends fans concerned Aphelios left PBE too early

Riot Games

Aphelios is the newest champion to join the League of Legends roster, but some players are wondering whether or not he left the Public Beta Environment too early.

The game’s 147th hero was announced in November 2019 and went live in the December 10 patch after spending a few weeks on the PBE.

His kit and abilities are way different than any other hero in League and some players think his uniqueness makes him a nightmare to play against.

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Aphelios introduced an entirely new take on how abilities work in League of Legends, he only has two different abilities – Q and R – but also has five different weapons with different effects.

His Q varies with each weapon, but W is simply used to switch to the weapon in his off-hand, and he has no E ability at all.

The way Aphelios levels up is different too. Because he only has one basic ability and an ultimate, his skill points – which players can choose how to invest on most champions – are automatically assigned. Instead, Aphelios can improve his base stats with each level.

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Riot GamesSeverum, the scythe pistol is one of the five weapons available the Aphelios.

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Reddit user HemoTalon had one of the most upvoted posts of the week on r/leagueoflegends and all they said was “Aphelios isn’t hard to play, he’s hard to play against.”

A lot of you seem to be of the opinion that I think he is hard to play against because he is strong. It’s not,” HemoTalon said in an edit. “He is hard to play against because nothing he does has any correlation to anything else he does. The fact that the ability of the main visual weapon has very little to do with how his q works is ridiculous.”

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LoL players are finding Aphelios difficult to play against.

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Another highly upvoted post by user TrueAndy on the LoL sub expanded on HemoTalon’s point, and hypothesized that in their quest to create an engaging champion to play, developers might have overlooked how it was for players to play against Aphelios.

“Aphelios takes no more than a few games to understand by the Aphelios’ committed player,” TrueAndy said. “Meanwhile, everybody else who has to play against him will never know what is going on when playing against Aphelios and they totally have to guess what his kit will bring into daylight in the next few seconds.”

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“What they actually created was a champion everyone has to learn as if it’s their main in order to even play against him,” Andy summed up.”Even if they do not like the champion at all.”

Aphelios’ kit is way different than any other legend, which is throwing some players for a loop.

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So far Riot has yet to comment on the complaints about Aphelios, but it’s not likely we’ll see him return to the PBE, rather a future patch would be more likely to address player’s concerns – hopefully before pro play resumes in 2020.

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