KCorp owner Kameto addresses controversy around fans booing T1 Faker

Carver Fisher
T1 Faker Worlds 2022Fernando Decillis/Riot Games

During an on-stage interview with Faker, a select few KCorp fans could be heard booing the League of Legends GOAT. Kameto has now commented on the situation and addressed the controversy.

T1 Faker is a man that needs no introduction. When it comes to League of Legends, he’s that guy, and very few would try to argue against him being the all-time greatest player in the history of the esport.

However, that doesn’t mean he’s universally loved. The Blue Wall is a very vocal bunch, with KCorp fans being known as some of the most passionate fans in esports. However, he was booed by some KCorp fans as he was being interviewed on-stage.

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Hearing someone as respected as Faker get booed shocked many in the League of Legends community, resulting in widespread controversy surrounding the event.

T1 Faker gets booed by KCorp at League of Its Own

With T1 being the stars of the League of Its Own event, Faker stepped on stage alongside the rest of T1 for a brief interview before the event kicked off. ERL teams who have never made it to international competition had their chance to try and take down the GOAT.

While G2 did manage to take down the reigning World Champions thanks to a standout performance from Yike, none of the other teams at Red Bull: League of Its Own came close to taking them down.

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However, controversy was brewing even before T1 got to play against anyone at the event, KCorp fans were heard booing him off the stage.

Caedrel was in disbelief that anyone would boo Faker, a sentiment that was mirrored by spectators both in-person and online.

CapuleMarxiste, the man behind The Blue Wall, confirmed that KCorp fans were the ones that booed Faker but went on to explain his reasoning behind it and why he stands behind his fellow fans in a tweet thread.

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It was explained that the booing toward Faker was out of support for their team, not hate for the player himself. He’d eventually conclude the tweet thread by saying this is how KCorp fans show their passion for their favorite team.

It was also pointed out that only a few KCorp fans booed Faker. It’s not like the entire crowd of them erupted. This is a point that KCorp’s owner would point out as well.

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Kameto, KCorp’s owner, eventually commented on the situation, saying that he actively condemned the fans’ actions and that others stopped them in the audience.

He’d call the actions of those fans a “mistake” and was saddened by the response of many to the actions of a few of his fans. It’s worth noting that Kameto’s reaction is very different from that of some KCorp fans who have responded to the situation.

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Faker and T1 have yet to comment.

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