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How to reach level 6 by round 11 in Teamfight Tactics

Published: 11/Jul/2019 18:34

by Eli Becht


Teamfight Tactics’ weekly mission asks players to reach level 6 by the second Shared Draft (Round 11) and here are some of the ways you can accomplish that.

Playing a round of Teamfight Tactics rewards you with 2 XP, but if you rely on that as your only way of leveling, you will never be able to reach level 6 by Round 11.

Instead you’ll have to spend gold to get there, but you still might find yourself coming a bit short, even if you think you’re doing everything way.

Riot GamesReaching level 6 by Round 11 relies on your team.

There are a couple of ways to reach this goal, while also remaining competitive in the match. Let’s take a look at some of those methods.


Getting 3 Pirates

Pirates will be key to this as you’ll almost definitely have to choose Pyke, or Graves if Pyke is unavailable, from the opening carousel and grab every pirate you see going forward from that point.

Riot GamesPyke is a vital part of the Pirate comp.

Surprisingly, you can remain pretty competitive with a Pirate comp in the early stages of the game if you focus on getting Pyke, Graves and Gangplank.

Once you have the Pirate buff, every fight will reward you with up to four gold which you will need to rely on to level up quick. Buying XP costs four gold so it adds up quick.

Go for Winning or Losing Streaks

This method is a bit easier but can cause you to throw your early game. Going on a winning streak will reward you with extra gold so what you’ll want to do is make up your team with 1 gold units, meaning you should sell your starter Champion and replace it right away with a cheaper one.


The losing streak will also give extra gold so that will always remain an option. Instead of cycling through and buying new units, just spend all the gold on experience and you should be good to go.

riot gamesDump your expensive unit for a cheaper one to preserve gold.

This challenge used to be bugged and it calculated your total gold earlier than it was supposed to, but that has been fixed so it’s no longer impossible to complete.

Luckily, the ranked mode for Teamfight Tactics isn’t live yet so you don’t have to worry about potentially sacrificing your rank to get this challenge done.