Fnatic’s Broxah reacts to hilarious League of Legends scoreboard bug

Kamil Malinowski

League of Legends pro Mads ‘Broxah’ Brock-Pedersen almost lost it on stream after being hit by a hilarious scoreboard bug.

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Broxah currently plays as a jungler for Fnatic, having graduated from their academy team in early 2017. 

The Dane, widely considered to be one of Europe’s best players, was streaming his practice for the event when he was affected by the strange bug. This left him almost crying from laughter as his scoreboard went haywire.

Riot GamesFnatic’s Broxah found the scoreboard bug absolutely hilarious.
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His scoreboard began to slowly change throughout the match, with profiles slightly sliding around every time he opened it. After 20 minutes he tried to fix it, which only made things worse as any tiny movement on it made parts of it jump around the screen.

“My scoreboard… what happened to my scoreboard?” he said, later adding “what is happening?!” as he continued trying to move things around only for them to disobey him and go their own way.

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After a while, he began to laugh at how silly it all was. No matter what he did it somehow kept getting worse, and now the scoreboard was practically unusable.

However, he couldn’t resist the urge to play with it some more and incredibly managed to wreck it even more. It turned into a complete mishmash of champion icons and items while giggling hysterically.

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Broxah and Fnatic will be playing at the LoL World Championships starting from October 1 and will definitely be hoping that this bug doesn’t pop up in their games, or they may completely lose it on the big stage. 

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