Ex-Counter Logic Gaming CEO claims employees at Riot just play games all day

Riot Games has been on the receiving end of plenty of negative press over the last few months, and the trend has continued with the latest allegations to hit the airwaves.

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The former CEO of Counter Logic Gaming, Devin Nash, might have stepped down from his position at the end of 2017, but that hasn’t stopped him from popping back into the forefront of conversation this week.

While streaming on Twitch, Nash launched into a couple of stories that shed some light on just what a day in the life of a Riot employee is like.

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Nash was chatting with his viewers when he talked about a trip that he took to the Riot campus where he discovered how little work is actually done by employees at the company.

“Rioters play League of Legends on LAN after work or during work because at Riot Games, you never have to be caught working,” Nash says of the publisher’s work environment. “It’s this open workspace and there’s people playing Diablo 3, there’s people grinding and there’s no actual work going on.”

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As Nash continues, he says that he asked the person leading his tour what it was that she does at Riot Games, to which she replied that she “introduces teams to other teams at Riot so they can play League of Legends together to increase workplace efficiency.”

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“I’m like, ‘Do you do anything else?’ And she says, ‘No, that’s my job. It’s full-time.’ And I’m like ‘Holy shit!’” Nash said of his interaction with the employee.

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Nash didn’t stop there, however, as he said that he stopped at a random employee’s desk to see what it was they did at Riot and the response Nash received was nothing short of spectacular.

“Well, I designed, like, the curvature of Draven’s ass and it took me six months” was the employee’s response.  

Nash’s statements about Riot Games come just months after the company was hit with allegations of sexual misconduct from female employees that had since left the company.

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