Champion drops coming soon to Teamfight Tactics – what we know so far

Teamfight Tactics is getting a big item drop change in Patch 9.18 as Riot looks to freshen up the game mode with champions.

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The Teamfight Tactics item system has undergone some changes in the past, but the expected changes for Patch 9.18 are the biggest yet. 

With a new item component already announced, Riot have changed up what players will be able to pick up from boxes, as well as introducing a new rarity system.

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TFT game designer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer posted on the League of Legends forums on August 29 stating that players will now be able to get champions from boxes.

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“We want there to be multiple paths to victory in TFT and one of the ways we want to do that is by keeping the item system variable,” he said.

Items will also be divided up into Common, Uncommon, and Shiny Rare boxes, each with their own distinct drop values. The rarer the box, the more valuable the item inside should be.

How will champion drops work in TFT?

Riot GamesYou might be able to get a Kennen from boxes come Patch 9.18.
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Players will be able to pick up champions in the same situations they can pick up items and gold already. After finishing a PvE round in Teamfight Tactics, boxes will drop containing either an item, gold, or a champion.

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The champion will be added to a players bench immediately. If there is no space on your bench, the champion will be converted to gold instead. 

Players will also now have the chance to clone champions too through items in Teamfight Tactics. The tentatively-named Neeko’s Help will be a one-use item that allows players to clone one unit of their choice to help them reach that next three-star champion in their build.

When will champion drops hit live servers?

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Riot expects the changes will be shipped in Patch 9.18 alongside a bunch of other TFT changes in what has been described as the “biggest patch of the set.”

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Patch 9.18 is expected to hit live on September 10.

What else is coming on Patch 9.18 for Teamfight Tactics?

Pro Game GuidesThe Sparring Gloves will be coming in Patch 9.18.
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A new item component, the Sparring Gloves, will be pushed live during the same patch, bringing a collection of gauntlet-based items to TFT. Nine new items will be based around the Sparring Gloves.

There will also be an update to the XP curve to make up for the new items and rewards being added. The gap between mid-game levels will be increased, forcing players to decide whether they’ll invest their gold in champions to snowball their compositions, or levels to get better rewards.

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