Cassiopeia update on LoL Patch 10.11 PBE has players stunned at ult range

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Cassiopeia is receiving a visual update on League of Legends Patch 10.11, which won’t only be nice for mains of the Serpent’s Embrace, but her enemies. With more visual clarity, players are stunned at just how big her range is, especially her ultimate.

Cassiopeia hasn’t been touched too much since her rework four years ago. With that, some of her visuals have become a bit out of date compared to some of the recently released or reworked champions.

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To make things a bit clearer, she’s getting an update on Patch 10.11. However, the initial set of changes have left players shocked at just how big some of her abilities ⁠— like her ultimate ⁠— truly are.

Jade Fang Cassiopeia skin for League of LegendsRiot Games
Struggle to see Cassiopeia’s ultimate? You aren’t the only one.

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“We’re trialing some very small scope changes to clarify hitboxes, starting with Cassio R,” said Oliver ‘Beardilocks’ McDonald, VFX Artist for Riot. “I also updated the ‘turn to stone’ effect, it should sort better with other character effects in the game now.”

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The changes are huge not only for Cassiopeia players, but her enemies as well. Her current ultimate visuals taper off well before their actual max range, and it can make for some questionable looking stuns.

The range of the new ultimate is clearly defined with an indicator on the ground. While this has been standard for recent visual reworks, it’s left long-time players stunned at just how big it is.

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“That’s the range of Cassio R,” said Ben ‘Draggles’ Forbes in shock, who works on League’s mobile clone Wild Rift. The range also seemingly took Beardilocks and the rest of the team aback as well, which is why they went to efforts to make it so clearly defined.

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“Glad to see stuff like Lux and this get changed finally,” added ‘Homicidal_HotS’. “I actually had a game last night where I got stunned and died to a max range Cassio R and thought ‘wow that actually hit me I thought I was out of range’.”

The visual update for Cassiopeia won’t be reaching some of her other abilities, however. “I also took the liberty of updating her Q a little, as the smoke went way outside the hitbox,” he said. “[Her] W and E remain unchanged on all skins.”

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There’s no balance changes set for Cassiopeia as well, which mains of the Serepent’s Embrace will be glad to hear. She’s been one of League’s strongest mid lane picks for quite some time, sitting with a 52.81% win rate on Patch 10.9 according to stats site Lolalytics.

The visual update isn’t live on the PBE just yet. It’ll be shipped for testing in the coming hours, but won’t be coming with May 13’s Patch 10.10. Players will have to wait for May 27 on Patch 10.11 to get their hands on the new Cassio VFX.

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