LCS interim Commissioner apologizes to Cloud9 Perkz over stage conditions

Lawrence Scotti
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Cloud9’s star League of Legends player Luka ‘Perkz’ Perković has said, in a now-deleted tweet, that the LCS made him get a doctor’s note so he could wear a hat on stage. LCS interim Commissioner Chris Greeley responded to the player’s complaints soon after.

July 3 Update: LCS apologizes to Perkz

Greeley published a Twitter thread providing more context about the LCS decisions, explaining how the league “always wants to provide the best possible experience for our pros.”

The confusion over the LCS lights stemmed from Riot’s policy on stage set-ups that spans international and other regional leagues.

As for Perkz’s medical concerns, Greeley said the league and Cloud9 have been in communication on how to best ensure the player can comfortably play on stage.

Original story follows below…

In Cloud9’s July 2 match against Immortals, Perkz was seen wearing a stylish C9 hat, and fans were wondering why.

In a now-deleted tweet explaining why, Perkz says Riot refused to lower the lighting in the studio even though he had a medical need for it. Riot apparently requested a doctor’s note from him to wear the cap.

You can see just how bright the lighting is in the LCS studio by noticing the harsh shadow on Perkz’s face.

Perkz hat
The bright lights from the LCS studio creating a massive shadow on Perkz.

Perkz explained that Riot didn’t want to “lower the lighting for me for the past five weeks,” despite having “medical needs for it.”

He also explained that stage lighting is part of the “ready check” before matches begin. “Really cringe I needed to get doctor note for that.”

He also explains that when playing in the LEC, he had no such issues.

Cloud9 went on to defeat Immortals in dominant fashion, ending with a 12k gold advantage.

Perkz deleted tweetPerkz has since deleted the post, but was critical of Riot’s handling of the situation.

Perkz’s medical condition

In a tweet following up the discussion and memes about his hat, Perkz clarified that his medical condition was getting Lasik eye surgery.

After getting Lasik, there should be reduced exposure to computer screens, and the bright lights were irritating him significantly.

It’s unclear why the production team was opposed to satisfying his request to lower the brightness of the lights.