Twitch streamer Boxbox creates voice-controlled LoL bot and it’s better than your teammates

Boxbox BaobotTwitch / Riot Games

Popular Twitch streamer Albert ‘Boxbox’ Sunzheng has created an almost flawless voice-controlled bot to support him in League of Legends, and it’s probably better at the game than your teammates.

We’ve all probably experienced a moment in League of Legends where we wish our support did what we ask, and sometimes it’s enough to tilt you over the edge, but what if your support was an AI that’s programmed to do exactly what you ask?

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Popular Twitch streamer Boxbox wanted to try an experiment, creating an AI to play support with him in the bot lane, which listens to almost everything he says.

The AI which is seemingly named ‘Baobot’ surprisingly works pretty much flawlessly, and it’s arguably better than most random League of Legends players you’ll encounter in-game.

Boxbox TwitchBoxbox/Twitch
Boxobox is renowned for his League of Legends streams and inventions.

To create the AI, Albert worked with a software developer, who wrote the program. According to the popular Twitch streamer, the developer took a month to make the software, which he then expanded on, and coded the voice commands.

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It took Boxbox a week to ‘calibrate’ and code the voice commands for Baobot, which auto-locks Janna every game. Boxbox can command the AI to do almost everything in-game, from following him like a lost puppy, to shielding him or healing him whenever he asks.

Of course, Baobot isn’t completely flawless, as it sometimes gets confused, running into enemy towers, or even shielding them by accident. Nonetheless, the interaction between Baobot and Boxbox is comical on its own, as the AI is capable of outright ignoring the commands.

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The AI is voiced by Hikaru ‘Bao’ Station, hence the name Baobot, and has a ‘weeb-like’ voice, which sometimes responds with phrases like “F**k you” or ask Albert to watch his tone when speaking if he sounds aggressive.

For those wanting their own voice-controlled AI playing with you, the developer ‘Aterialdawn’ revealed there may be plans in the future for him to release the original software without Boxbox’s modifications.

While the AI may be amusing to some, many League of Legends players has their concerns with what Boxbox is doing, as this could technically go against the AI/scripting rules, though we doubt Riot take action on this.

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