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Bizarre League trick with Ryze Ult can save Zac and his bloblets

Published: 28/May/2020 20:15

by Alan Bernal


A strange combo in League of Legends lets players get around one of Zac’s biggest weaknesses with a well-placed Ryze ultimate, saving the Secret Weapon and his bloblets.

Zac is one of League’s best engage champions. He can effectively cut corners around the Rift, and when in position, can gank a lank at a moment’s notice. But jumping into the fray often leaves the sentient toxic spill vulnerable to his attackers.

Luckily, when his lifebar is depleted, his passive gives him a second chance at life if his bloblets successfully reshape themselves into the champion. Unfortunately, this 5-minute cooldown ability leaves him as a predictable, vulnerable pile of sludge – unless there’s a Ryze to bail him out.


Realm Warp takes all allied units to the targeted location. As user ‘Tobo-senpai’ found out, that also means the main puddle of ooze that the bloblets zero in on.

“Apparently Ryze’s Ult can teleport Zac’s dead body,” Tobo-senpai said. “[It changes] the destination of his blobs and their travel speed.”

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The Ryze ult landed at just the right moment to save Zac.

After suffering fatal damage from a skirmish near the mid lane, Zac exploded into his four bloblets just after Ryze put down a retreating Realm Warp.

The timing worked out to perfection seeing as the ultimate took the mage and the center mass of Zac’s remains.

While Ryze ults have been known to take bloblets with them, the timing worked out so that the warp would only take the spot where Zac died while the blobs were appearing on the map.


Apparently Ryze’s Ult can teleport Zac’s dead body, changing the destination of his blobs and their travel speed. from leagueoflegends

“I think the timing was just perfect that the blobs hadn’t fully spawned yet and weren’t available to be teleported,” user ‘steelcurtain09’ surmised, seeing as the boblets readjusted their course and came flocking to the new target location.

A coordinated team would have probably jumped on the boblets to see if they could at least kill one or two, but the stretched team didn’t have time to react to the bizarre mechanic.

While incredibly situational, this could be a great combination to keep in mind for mid/jungle League of Legends duos to deal a ton of damage, sacrifice Zac, and Realm Warp out of there with a bunch of bloblets in tow.