Bizarre League of Legends bug sends Lee Sin flying into space

Joe O'Brien
Lee Sin League of Legends splash for default skin

A League of Legends player encountered a bizarre bug that resulted in his teammate being launched into the sky.

Reddit user Hattunen witnessed a ridiculous glitch during a League of Legends game, which saw his team’s Lee Sin suddenly fired into the air after attempting to enter the dragon pit.

As the Lee Sin approached the dragon pit, he fired off a Sonic Wave which hit the dragon, and attempted to follow it over the wall. As he crossed the wall of the pit, however, he was suddenly launched skyward, disappearing from view entirely.

The bug seems to have only been a visual issue, with Lee Sin apparently still in the same spot on the map, but it certainly left his teammate – and likely the Lee Sin player themselves – quite confused as to what had happened.

This isn’t the first time a bug like this has appeared in the game, with similar issues occasionally showing up in professional settings. In 2016, for instance, Team Liquid top-laner Samson ‘Lourlo’ Jackson found himself thrown into the air as Trundle, eventually falling back down into the waiting Cloud9 players.

Going further back still, in the EU LCS in 2014, Millenium support Alexander ‘Jree’ Bergström found himself in a similar situation on Thresh – this time, it was Trundle who was apparently responsible for the effect, with his pillar seemingly launching Jree upwards.

In those instances, it seems the bug might have been a result of a slightly unusual reaction between multiple abilities, but for the Lee Sin, the moment appeared to be a fairly routine dash over a wall, so it’s not entirely clear what caused the issue.

Fortunately, unlike in the LCS instances, this case occurred away from any enemy players, and therefore likely didn’t have as much of an impact on the outcome of the play.

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