Betting website disables LoL solo queue betting after controversy

Meg Kay
Esports bet logo over league of legends summoners rift

Popular esports betting site has withdrawn the ability to bet on LoL solo queue games on its site after community concerns about high elo wintrading as a result of betting.

Solo queue betting has become a real issue in high ELO League of Legends. But recently, the issue has been propelled into the public eye, with community figures like Tyler1 calling out the prevalence of matchfixing in high ELO caused by people betting on games.

Betting on ELO solo queue has been criticized by many League of Legends fans as it has led to wintrading games, a practice in which people place a bet on a streamer’s game, then queue snipe said streamer and intentionally lose the game so that they win their bet.

Due to these concerns, EsportsBet have disabled the ability to bet on solo queue games with cryptocurrency on their site.

EsportsBet’s statement

In their statement, EsportsBet stated that they were unable to find any “evidence of match fixing” on any of their streamer bet tickets, but that streamer bets will be disabled until “proper systems can be implemented to prevent and punish intentional feeding/game throwing”.

This now places the ball firmly in Riot’s court – with many community figures calling out the game developer for their lack of action around punishing win trading in high ELO.

EsportsBet will still offer betting on professional League games, alongside professional games in multiple other esports. Formerly known as DJEsports, the site rebranded in February 2022.

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