Are LCS teams failing? LoL Worlds 2020 review ft. Amazing & Munchables

Shane King
Worlds Review, Is Na Failing?

Worlds 2020 has got off to an amazing start with plenty of action, upsets, and comebacks during the first round-robin of the group stage.

Yinsu Collins hosts your Worlds review show with Maurice ‘Amazing’ Stückenschneider and Joseph ‘Munchables’ Fenny, who analyze all of the action we have seen so far and also break down what this means going into the second round-robin, where teams will be fighting it out for a place in the knockout stage.

The group discusses the amazing come back from G2 against Suning, as well as what went wrong for the European champions when they matched up with Team Liquid a few days later.

Another point of interest was how NA is faring on the world stage, and if people had too high expectations of the region going into the tournament which led to the fallout we are currently seeing all over social media.