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6 strongest League champions in Patch 10.17: Lux, Evelynn, more

Published: 21/Aug/2020 16:05 Updated: 21/Aug/2020 16:15

by James Busby


The League of Legends 10.17 patch has shaken up the current meta champions, so join us as we cover all the latest changes to the top place rankings. 

Riot has finally released League of Legends patch 10.17, bringing a number of balance changes to the live servers. While there may not be any new champions or flashy skins added in this update, the latest patch has still impacted the current meta champions. 

With Worlds fast approaching, many pros and casual players alike will be looking to utilize the game’s strongest picks. To help you increase your ranked win rate and kills, we’ve broken down which champs you should be using in the current meta. 


Top-lane: Darius

Darius top-lane
Riot Games
The Hand of Noxus has yet to be dethroned in patch 10.17.

The Hand of Noxus returns in patch 10.17 and this deadly top-laner continues to swing his deadly axe around, cutting down anyone that dares to stand in his way. Darius’ high damage plays and overall survivability make for a truly lethal combination, especially in late-game team fights where he can use his overall bulk to rush into the backline and instantly kill squishy carries with crushing blows from his ultimate, Noxian Guillotine. 

There’s a reason why this top-lane terror currently has a 50.80% win rate and a 40.00% ban rate on the Korean server.

Jungle: Evelynn

Evelynn original skin
Riot Games
Bring a stealthy surprise to every fight.

While Evelynn received a slight nerf to her Q’s damage, this fiendish jungler still packs a mighty punch. Having a champion that can stealthily make her way into lane and catch any overextended foes is huge, particularly when you’re aiming to get your carries ahead. With so many threats roaming around the rift at the moment, there’s never been a better time to play Evelynn. 


Try to always shut down key targets and seek out opportunities where you can eliminate any threats in 1v1 scenarios. The combination of her E’s slow and highly damaging Q/E abilities make this jungler a real nightmare to deal with, especially when she is able to sneak up on her prey. Consider using this deadly assassin to shut down the popular Darius, Yone, and Caitlyn picks. 

Mid-lane: Yone

Yone Original skin
Riot Games
Yone has been making waves in mid.

Players have been busy slicing and dicing their enemies with Yone’s deadly blades since his release, but it seems the Unforgotten has proven a little too strong. To help alleviate this issue, Riot has scaled back his base damage and fixed the 100% lifesteal bug on his ultimate. These nerfs may seem pretty significant, but they have had very little impact on Yone’s performance on the Rift. 


Yone still deals fantastic 1v1 damage and can easily sway the outcome of a fight with his lethal crits, so be sure to add this master swordsman to your roster. 

Bot-lane: Caitlyn

Caitlyn bot-lane
Riot Games
Caitlyn makes short work of enemy champions with her long-range poke.

Patch 10.17 sees the return of Caitlyn and the Sheriff of Piltover has locked her sights firmly on the top-place spot. This deadly AD carry currently has a staggering 52.50% win rate and 30.77% pick rate over on the Korean server, making her one of the most contested picks in the current meta. 

Not only does Caitlyn’s incredible range allowing her to safely poke her enemies down from afar, they also have great kill potential throughout all stages of the game, especially when you build for crit damage. The recent nerf to Caitlyn’s movement speed has had very little impact on this eagle-eyed ADC’s kill potential, making her an essential choice for those looking to snag a quick win. 


Support: Lux

Lux original skin
Riot Games
Lux may not be a traditional support, but she is one of the most lethal.

Lux is no stranger to the meta spotlight – after all, both pros and casual players alike have been utilizing the masterful mage for a while now. The Lady of Luminosity may have taken a hit to her mana cost and base shield, but the added 5% increase to her AP has given her even more early-game damage. If that wasn’t enough, Lux can block incoming damage with well-timed W’s and even save her fellow laner’s life when used effectively. 

Lux also has great kill potential throughout all stages of the game thanks to her snare and ultimate, forcing her enemies to think carefully before dashing in for those all-important trades. With a whopping 54.76% win and 16.24% pick rate, Lux has firmly cemented herself at the top of the support leaderboard. Whether you’re tired of simply healing your laner or wish to be more proactive in your plays, you really can’t go wrong with Lux. 


Meta breaker: Aatrox

Aatrox original skin
Riot Games
Aatrox could end up being the next big top-lane pick.

Aatrox has been missing from competitive play for a while now, but patch 10.17 aims to bring him back into contention. Riot has boosted his ultimate’s bonus damage ratio, giving him improved damage in the mid to late game. Being able to both heal and unleash a flurry of lethal blows is always going to be beneficial, particularly in those close 1v1 trades and high-octane teamfights. 

Currently, Aatrox has 47.82% pick rate on the Korean server, but we expect this number will increase as more players begin to see just how strong the bloodthirsty demon currently is. Just be careful when picking Aatrox into Darius as he doesn’t fair too well against the Noxian general.  

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