Chicken Nugget: Release date, cast, plot, & more about the K-drama

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Ahn Jae-hong as Ko Baek-joong, Ryu Seung-ryong as Choi Sun-man in Chicken Nugget K-drama

Get ready for an unforgettable Netflix K-drama that will leave you amazed! Chicken Nugget is a must-see K-drama, telling the story of a father whose daughter undergoes a bizarre transformation into a chicken nugget.

Netflix’s long list of upcoming 2024 K-dramas not only includes new installments to fan favorites like Squid Game and Hellbound, but a K-drama that has been in the works for some time. For none devoted fans, Chicken Nugget may seem like a storyline out of left field and utterly bizarre.

Judging solely by its title, the premise of the K-drama might seem evident. However, Netflix’s surprising decision to transform a beloved webtoon into a live-action series revolving around mouthwatering chicken nuggets caught everyone off guard.

Initially revealed in 2022, this adaptation is set to premiere in 2024, promising an unexpected culinary twist to the K-drama scene. Here’s everything you need to know about Chicken Nugget from the cast, its celebrity cameos, storyline, and release date.

Chicken Nugget: What’s the K-drama about?

The boss of a small machine company learns this daughter has been turned into a chicken nugget and tries to make her human again with the help of his employee.

Was it what you were expecting? Netflix’s Chicken Nugget focuses on Choi Sun-man who runs a small machinery company called “More Than Machine.” One day, they receive an unexpected delivery of a mysterious machine, assuming it’s a fatigue-relieving device sent by a doctor. Interestingly, the machine was meant to be delivered the following day.

On the very day the machine arrives, Sun-man’s daughter Choi Min-a pays him a visit, bringing along some sweet and spicy chicken. Feeling fatigued, she opts to try out the machine. In a sudden twist, Min-a finds herself transformed into sweet and spicy chicken. According to the trailer, she had glimpsed the chicken just before the machine activated.

Realizing yet not believing what has happened to his daughter, Sun-man gets help from his staff intern Go Baek-joong. Baek-joong happens to have a one-sided crush on Min-a and stops at nothing to find the answer to their horrible predicament.

Chicken Nugget: Who’s in the cast?

Actor Ryu Seung-ryong will lead the K-drama alongside Mask Girl and LTNS actor Ahn Jae-hong. Read the full cast list below:

  • Ryu Seung-ryong – Choi Sun-man
  • Ahn Jae-hong – Go Baek-joong
  • Kim Yoo-jung – Choi Min-a
  • Jung Ho-yeon 

20th Century Girl and My Demon actor Kim Yoo-jung was announced to take part in Chicken Nugget K-drama in a special guest role as Min-a. Seeing as her character turns into a chicken nugget early on in the storyline, her role is limited. The K-drama will hopefully include Kim in some needed flashbacks.

Upon the original announcement of the K-drama, it was also revealed that Jung Ho-yeon, known for her role in Squid Game, would be making a cameo appearance. Her role and character are unknown for now. Extreme Job and Be Melodramatic’s Lee Byeong-heon will be directing the K-drama.

Chicken Nugget: When is the release date?

Chicken Nugget K-drama will be released to global fans on Netflix on March 15, 2024.

For now, it’s unclear how many episodes the K-drama will have. Speculation suggests the series could span from eight to 12 episodes, or possibly even 16. The original storyline is based on the webtoon by Park Ji-dok called “Sweet and Spicy Chicken.” The K-drama has a lot of pre-established storylines to use, with fans already realizing the K-drama has adapted some scenes perfectly accurate.

Chicken Nugget: Is there a trailler?

Yes, Netflix released the official trailer on February 29, 2024. They also released an official teaser and poster. Check them out below:

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