Silvervale slams “freaks” for Hogwarts Legacy harassment in return Twitch stream

Silvervale returns after hogwarts legacy twitch harassmentTwitch/Silvervale

Streamer Silvervale blasted “bullies” who harassed her for streaming Hogwarts Legacy in her return to Twitch.

Hogwarts Legacy has been one of the biggest game launches of all time and the most-watched ever on Twitch, but it hasn’t come without its share of controversy.

Boycotters have opposed the Harry Potter game due to its connection to series creator JK Rowling. The author has been accused of making transphobic comments – something she and others have denied.

The Hogwarts Legacy drama even resulted in streamers being harassed for playing the game on Twitch, including Silvervale. However, the VTuber isn’t backing down despite being reduced to tears during a recent broadcast.

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hogwarts legacy sorting ceremonyPortkey Games
The Hogwarts Legacy drama has yet to be sorted out.

Silvervale “won’t be bullied” amid Hogwarts Legacy controversy

Due to the backlash others received, Silvervale used Twitch’s automod feature to protect herself against possible harassment in her chat.

Twitch’s automod holds comments with certain words for review, with “trans” being one of them. This resulted in some viewers believing she had banned the word from her chat, sending Twitter into a frenzy.

Although the VTuber ended her previous stream in tears, Silvervale has since returned to Twitch to finish Hogwarts Legacy and isn’t holding back.

“I do not condone the ideals of the author, I just want to be a f**king wizard!” she proclaimed. “I want to play my wizard game that made my childhood worth living. And I’m going to be a f**king wizard and we’re going to enjoy this f**king game.”

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To follow this up, Silvervale took aim at those harassing her and others for playing the game, telling them to do something better with their time.

“I will not be bullied by a bunch of Twitter freaks with nothing better to do with their goddamn lives. If you want to make changes, go make actual changes instead of harassing streamers on the internet.”

“LGBT people are awesome. Twitter people are not awesome. F**k you,” she added.

With the Vtuber defiantly standing against her harassers, it will be interesting to see if fellow streamers follow suit. Notably, Hasan Piker refused to play the game, claiming that it wasn’t worth being bullied over.

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