Hogwarts Legacy art book leak reveals game length, map, house details, more

Hogwarts Legacy leakAvalanche / Portkey Games

A new Hogwarts Legacy leak of the official art book provides some clues in regards to the game’s length, gameplay and design. Spoiler warning for the content below.

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2023. With the game set to release on February 10, the lead-up to its release is well underway. And while many details have been confirmed about the game, there is still much that is unknown about the upcoming Harry Potter RPG.

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A new leak on Twitter, however, has hinted at some new art, gameplay details, and even a rough idea of how long the game will take to complete. The leaks include a more in-depth look at the house designs as well as the larger world that has been created for the big project. 

As well as the artwork, the leak also claims that the game will take around 70 hours for those wanting to 100% the game. Therefore, it seems as though the game will be a 35-hour experience for those simply wanting to play through most the central narrative.

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The leak also claims that the Avada Kedavra curse – one of the most famous spells in the Harry Potter lore and a killing curse – can only be learned via a side mission and only after the main storyline has been completed.

As well as this, the main storyline will reportedly differ depending on which Hogwarts house you choose to be sorted into. The progress of main quests will change – with some houses getting to visit a location like Azkaban – but ultimately all house experiences will wrap up in the same way.

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However, It’s important to note that this leak is yet to be confirmed by the Hogwarts Legacy dev team. While the information seemingly comes from the official art book, do take it with a grain of salt for the time being We’ll be sure to keep you updated when more information about the game – and the details of this leak – are confirmed and made available.

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