Hearthstone players worried Murder at Castle Nathria Warrior cards will be “sh*t” ahead of launch

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Ahead of the next Hearthstone expansion, Murder at Castle Nathria, fans are stunned at just how weak the cards for the Warrior class seem, and some fans think there will be buffs released quite quickly after launch.

Murder at Castle Nathria is Hearthstone’s next expansion, taking players over to the Shadowlands for a murder mystery party with the Venthyr covenant.

While many of the new cards coming are quite intriguing, not all of the class cards on the way are particularly strong for one specific class leaving many fans of the card game worried the class could flat on day one.

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Murder at Castle Nathria is coming on August 2.

Hearthstone fans shocked at Warrior cards in Murder at Castle Nathria

On July 28, GrimbeltheGobbo posted to the Hearthstone subreddit a screenshot of content creator TrumpSC’s review of the Warrior cards in the upcoming xpac.

For each expansion, Trump rates every card from one to five stars, one being terrible and five being incredible.

For the Warrior class, every single card earned a one-star rating minus the new Legendary transformational card Remornia, Living Blade, which shifts between a weapon and a minion.

One user in the comment section agreed with Trump’s evaluation and said, “I think he’s right. Most of these are super situational and can also be sh*t value without it.”

Another noted how outdated the Warrior class cards feel, “They screwed Warrior this expansion with an outdated playstyle and poor cards.”

In Trump’s video, he explained just why these Warrior cards are so bad: “Warrior, going into this expansion, is the weakest class. Having gotten Pirates nerfed, and Control Warrior nerfed, it doesn’t come into this expansion in a strong spot.”

The streamer then says it’s possible these cards were developed while Warrior was at the top of the meta, which could be the reason why the cards have such low power levels.

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With an August 2 release date fast approaching, only time will tell if any of these Warrior cards, outside of Remornia, will actually have any value in the meta.