Hearthstone players want Monk and Evoker classes added after success of Death Knight

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Hearthstone players are hoping developer Blizzard Entertainment adds the two remaining WoW classes that aren’t in the card game, Evoker, and Monk, after the success of the Death Knight hero class.

Hearthstone launched back in 2014 with just nine classes adapted from World of Warcraft including Hunter, Priest, Paladin, Rogue, Warrior, Warlock, Mage, Druid, and Shaman.

Although it seemed like Blizzard would never add any of the other popular WoW classes over to the digital card battler, that all changed in 2020 when the Ashes of Outland expansion was released, bringing in the tenth class in Demon Hunter. This opened the door even more classes being added.

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In December 2022, March of the Lich King brought the beloved Death Knight class to Hearthstone, with tons of class cards that match the theme of the undead knights. With the class being so popular at launch, Hearthstone fans are hoping new classes become a trend.

Hearthstone players want Evoker and Monk classes added

A user on the Hearthstone Reddit went viral after pointing out that there are only two classes left to be brought over from WoW to Hearthstone: the new Evoker class, and Monk.

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Evoker was just released in November 2022 with the launch of Dragonflight, but Monk has been a playable WoW class for a decade now.

Users in the comment section theorized what each class would look like, and what their identity would be on the battlefield.

One player said, “I could actually see Monk being interesting. The stagger that they use for tanking could potentially be a cool mechanic.”

Another added what they think would work for Evokers design-wise, “Evoker could have charged spells, maybe like a location card that you could cast additional spells into to power them up.”

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Evoker’s are the only class in WoW that have spells that ramp up damage the longer they’re charged up, which could make for some interesting card mechanics.

With Hearthstone still going strong as one of the most popular digital card games on the market, it’s possible we do end up seeing both Monk and Evoker making their way to the game at some point.