Tfue rages after getting destroyed on Halo Infinite: "He's CHEATING" - Dexerto

Tfue rages after getting destroyed on Halo Infinite: “He’s CHEATING”

Published: 23/Nov/2021 23:27

by Bill Cooney


Twitch streamer Tfue is convinced that one of his opponents in Halo Infinite was cheating. No matter what he tried, he simply couldn’t take them down.

Halo Infinite has made major waves since the multiplayer dropped in November 2021. It seems like every streamer is hopping in to check things out, including Tfue.

Those that aren’t used to how Spartans play are getting a crash course with the release of Infinite’s multiplayer. But, Tfue was convinced one player who kept taking him down wasn’t playing fair.

Cheating or just better?

After being knocked by the other player, Tfue shrugs it off as cheating, and continues playing. But by the third kill, he’s no longer taking things in stride.


“He’s cheating!” the streamer yelled after being downed a third time, but if you really take a look at the clip, that might not actually be the case.

Each time Tfue supposedly gets “one-shotted” you’ll notice his health is dangerously low — low enough where one well-placed headshot could finish him off.

This actually isn’t a unique case, as damage indication, or the lack of it, has been one of the biggest complaints by Infinite players so far.

Halo Infinite screenshot showing Spartans fighting
343 Industries
One of the few complaints about Halo Infinite is damage indication.

Multiple streamers besides Tfue have been flabbergasted after being downed, only to not realize they were low health going into the fight in the first place.


It can honestly be hard to tell when you’re taking damage in Infinite, and anyone who’s played can tell you it’s easy to lose track of your health in the middle of a fight.

Tfue may not have run into a cheater at all, instead he might have just encountered a player with pinpoint aim who knew how to hit headshots from across the map.