NICKMERCS claims Halo Infinite flopped because it failed to “adapt”

nickmercs halo infiniteNICKMERCS, Microsoft

Twitch star NICKMERCS explained why Halo Infinite’s lack of a battle royale mode made it a “flop” as the game’s player base has dramatically shrunk since launch.

FaZe’s NICKMERCS was worried about Halo Infinite well before the game even launched.

Before the 343 Industries shooter came out, he feared it wouldn’t be relevant for long without a Battle Royale mode, and it seems he may have been right.

Now, Nick’s explained just how the Halo developer’s failure to “adapt” left them with an increasingly shrinking community of players.

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Halo Infinite was released on November 15.

NICKMERCS on why Halo Infinite was a “flop”

The 31-year-old streamer explained why he’s disappointed in the latest installment in the Halo franchise.

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“Halo Infinite was a flop. Such a shame too, because the potential was through the roof.”

He explained exactly why the title faded from relevance quickly, “Should’ve incorporated a Battle Royale. Would’ve been a net+. More content = More viewership = More everything. All ships rise. Adapt or die.”

Since the game’s launch on November 15, it’s player count has been on a steady decline. According to stat tracking site Steam Charts, Halo Infinite has dropped below 10,000 average players for the first time ever.

One of Nick’s fans asked if it was too late for Halo to get a Battle Royale mode, “Hell no. Half the reason I’m even tweetin’ this s**t is because I WANT ONE.”

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As of now, 343 has not announced any plans to introduce a BR mode into Halo Infinite, but NICKMERCS surely hopes they will.