Battlefield fans claim mobile version has better destruction than BF 2042

tank firing at a building in battlefield mobileEA

Battlefield 2042’s tall task to win over fans appears to be slightly more difficult as footage of the Battlefield Mobile beta has players thinking that the handheld version’s destruction is already better than 2042.

Launching towards the end of 2021, EA’s Battlefield Mobile project entered its beta phase. Seen as a direct competitor to Activision’s mega-popular Call of Duty Mobile, Battlefield is aiming to bring death and destruction to handheld devices as well.

Battlefield 2042 experienced a myriad of problems shortly after its launch, even leading to a mass signing of a refund petition. BF Mobile could restore some confidence in the franchise that loyalists have grown up loving, and if its destruction is anything to go by, the main console game’s future could be in even more trouble.

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helicopter firing on a building in battlefield 2042EA
Battlefield 2042 has failed to live up to expectations, even in its destructibility.

“The destruction looks better than 2042,” was the bold statement made by one Reddit user in reference to seeing Battlefield Mobile’s destruction physics and opportunities.

The beta has been ongoing for a few months now, and despite being quite a hard property to get into, we’ve seen plenty of its gameplay already. Redditor ‘the_pain__train‘ showed off a video of how the game’s destruction works and how interactive it is.
Their example showed a tank plowing through the streets of the map and obliterating and pulverizing all buildings in sight with chunky bellows of the tank’s cannon. Each shot pounded gaping holes into buildings, leaving a trail of chaos the franchise has long been known for.
Now, while the quality of the destruction isn’t quite of the same ilk as 2042, there does seem to be far more opportunities to destroy the environment around you.
The video drew some hilarious responses from fans: “That’s because there is no destruction in 2042,” said deters in relation to the topic’s destruction statement, whereas another commenter replied: “Mate, the loading screens are even better than 2042.”
If Battlefield Mobile follows in the footsteps of CoD Mobile to create a fully-fledged, all-encompassing game with maps and weapons from its franchise, then there’s every chance it could bring some praise from fans disappointed with BF2042.