Halo Infinite’s Tashi promises there’s “lots to be excited for” in response to CouRage

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343 Industries’ Tashi promised there’s “lots to be excited for” with Halo Infinite after responding to Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop on Twitter, citicized the current state of the game.

Anyone closely following the state of Halo Infinite can see that 343 Industries has been struggling with development with delay after delay.

Fans of the iconic franchise have lost interest in Master Chief’s latest outing, like content creator Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop, who recently mourned the state of the game on Twitter.

Now, 343 Industries’ esports and Viewership Lead Tashi responded to CouRage’s tweets, promising that fans still have “lots to be excited for” in the future.

Tashi responds to CouRage’s tweets on the state of Halo Infinite

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With delays to long-promised content like Forge and online campaign co-op, fans have started to lose interest in Halo Infinite.

For those who may have missed CouRage‘s initial tweet, the streamer said he was “sad” thinking about the game and that his “favorite game series of all-time was just so poorly handled.”

The tweet garnered tons of interaction online, amassing over 11,000 Likes in one day.

As a member of the team at 343 Industries, Tashi responded to CouRage’s take with a simple “Stay tuned – big stuff on the way.”

CouRage then took a moment to clarify that he meant no ill-will towards the development team and said, “I’m sorry to even tweet these things man. I know how hard people work.”

However, the streamer maintained that he felt something wasn’t quite right behind the scenes.

“Just some decision and approach from the top just needs to be looked at. As near 20-year fan of Halo, my heart just hurts.”

In response, Tashi assured CouRage that the team “wants more too.”

He goes on to say that he believes Halo Infinite’s upcoming Forge mode “is going to change the game forever” and that more content like maps, modes, and weapons are coming.

While that new content is indeed coming, 343 Industries announced Halo Infinite’s Season 3 content would be delayed even further out than before, now arriving in March 2023 instead of November 2022.

Though Tashi acknowledged the team has to deliver with future updates, there’s only so long Halo Infinite players can wait.