Halo Infinite issues delay July preview: Waypoint crashes, Xbox Insider ‘pending’

Halo Infinite July Preview eventMicrosoft

A litany of rollout issues for Halo Infinite’s first multiplayer tech preview event caused a major delay with countless players still locked out as a result of Waypoint crashes, Xbox Insider problems, and more.

After years of waiting, the general public was finally set to go hands-on with Halo Infinite for the first time through a technical preview in July. For the lucky few that were invited through the Insider program, July 29 was intended as the first day to experience the next Halo entry.

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As thousands eagerly awaited the chance to jump in, July 29 continued to wind down. The hours passed by as developers at 343 Industries attempted to set the technical preview online in spite of various server issues.

Shortly after 7PM PT, the first batch of downloads started to appear online, however, it wasn’t long until more critical problems became apparent. For many who received an invite, Halo Infinite remains inaccessible.

halo infinite343 Industries
The Halo Infinite multiplayer preview is set to run for three days, to August 1.

Halo Infinite July tech preview Waypoint crashes

In order to access the Halo Infinite test, players had to go through Halo Waypoint. This is where all key messaging came through, including the download codes themselves.

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As players rushed to grab their codes, Waypoint itself came under heavy fire. The site crashed before long, leaving a good chunk of the community unable to even so much as download the technical preview on day one.

Waypoint is sure to gradually come back online over the course of the July preview. We’ll keep you updated with all the latest over at @DexertoHalo.

Halo Infinite July tech preview Xbox Insider ‘pending’

Last but not least, those attempting to play Halo Infinite on console were also hit with some unforeseen issues. Upon booting the game through the Insider Hub app, a vast majority of players were stuck on a ‘pending’ screen.

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Players were unable to enter the game due to an “extremely heavy load” hitting the servers all at once. Many remained stuck on this error screen for hours, including Halo’s very own Community Director

There’s no telling how long it may take for this particular problem to be resolved. With thousands of players all trying to join, it could still be a while yet before the servers are stable.


Ultimately, the purpose of these preview events is to ensure a smooth launch for Infinite later this year. With more Insider tests expected to follow, these initial server problems are sure to be ironed out.

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Dexerto will keep you updated on the state of the Halo Infinite preview.

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