Halo Infinite Season 3 delayed to March 2023

halo infinite season 3 yellow spartan header343 Industries

Developer 343 Industries released an updated roadmap that revealed Halo Infinite Season 3 isn’t arriving until March 2023.

The development of Halo Infinite and its live service elements has been turbulent, to say the least.

With continuous delays surrounding upcoming content and even roadmap announcements, it’s hard not to be skeptical about Infinite’s future.

Now, fans got the unfortunate announcement that Halo Infinite’s Season 3 launch, previously announced for November, isn’t arriving until March of next year.

Halo Infinite Season 3 delayed

The announcement comes from 343 Industries itself, through both Twitter and the official Halo Waypoint blog.

The official Halo Twitter account released an updated roadmap of the upcoming content, which revealed the delay.

The content coming in Season 3 features the return of the M392 Bandit, new equipment in the form of the Shroud Screen, and new maps for both Arena and Big Team Battle.

However, as a sort of stop-gap for the Season 3 delay, 343 also revealed a November update is coming with a bit of content to tide fans over.

The November update will apparently finally bring the Forge Beta, as well as two new maps called Detachment and Argyle.

Additionally, fans can expect an online co-op Campaign mode to arrive alongside mission replays.

Unfortunately, those looking forward to a local co-op campaign have more bad news in store.

The developer update video featuring Creative Head Joseph Staten and Live Service Head Sean Baron revealed the development team is “no longer working on local campaign split-screen co-op.”

According to Staten, the team is using those resources allocated to the local campaign co-op and moving them to focus on live service.

While this is certainly a blow for fans eager to see Halo Infinite’s new Season 3 content, hopefully, the extra time can help 343 Industries get development back on track.