Halo Infinite leader Bonnie Ross leaves 343 amid player backlash

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Amid criticism from Halo Infinite fans, the founder and leader of the game’s developer 343 has announced she is leaving.

Halo Infinite continues to receive criticism from the player base for the lacking content of the most recent roadmap.

Among the biggest complaints are not just the lack of new content but the scrapped features – like split screen – that were either core to the series in the past or had been promised.

Many of the most vocal fans have been prominent streamers and content creators like CourageJD and MoistCr1tiKal, who called 343 the worst developer in the world.

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That developer is now losing its leader and founder.

Halo Infinite boss announces she is leaving 343 Studios

In a statement on Twitter, Bonnie Ross announced that she was leaving the studio she helped found to attend to a family matter.

Players, journalists, and fellow developers responded with best wishes to Ross on her new journey.

It is notable that, in the statement, Ross said she wanted to remain with the Halo Infinite team until the Winter Update.

The update, which is set to release on November 8, 2022, will bring a bevy of brand new content such as campaign co-op play and the Forge level editor.

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It was the most recent roadmap, which announced the Winter Update that caused much of the strife and complaints among the players, who were expecting to see more multiplayer content like new weapons and maps.

Instead, that content has been pushed back to Halo Infinite Season 3, which is set to release on March 7, 2023. Season 3, which is titled Echoes Within, should bring some long-awaited new content to multiplayer.

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