When is GTA 6 coming out? Rumors, release date and leaks

by Ross Deason


Grand Theft Auto 6 is already one of the most highly anticipated video games, as fans have never had to wait this long for another installment to the series, but when will it actually be released? Let's take a look at everything we know. 

Rockstar Games might not have confirmed GTA 6 just yet, but with over five years in waiting, there's no doubt that the GTA fanbase have grown impatient over time. In fact, that's potentially a huge understatement. People are now desperate for information. Some fans are hoping for and expecting an announcement at the Sony PlayStation Awards.

In the absence of developer confirmation, though, fans have been digging their way through other information in search of potential details. If the success of GTA Online is anything to go by, Rockstar will be onto a winner when they reveal their next major project for the franchise.

By feeding the GTA V player base with constant new content in the form of weekly updates, fans have been kept occupied for quite some time. After outselling Red Dead Redemption 2, with a portion of the money being generated through in-game purchases, people are thinking about what comes next.

Believe it or not, GTA V came out over five years ago.

When is GTA 6 being released?

Typically speaking, there has always been a gap of around four or five years between Grand Theft Auto titles. Unfortunately, for that pattern to have held true, the new game would have been due for release in 2018.

Rockstar posted a number of new job openings earlier this year which could be connected to the development of GTA 6, with the company taking on animation specialists, specifically experts in facial animation, and these roles could well include work on the new game.

With the release of next-generation consoles looking to be the ideal release window for a game such as this, in terms of its size and ambition, it is highly likely - though unconfirmed - that developers will wait for the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles before bringing it out.

GTA V has provided Rockstar with plenty of revenue since it's launch.

Has GTA 6 been delayed?

Aside from drawing links between console release dates and comparing it with previous games, stock analysts have also given their own predictions - and it might be further away than you think, should they be proven correct.

Alex Giamio predicts that we won't see GTA 6 in stores until 2022, two years after the proposed November launch date, with Rockstar possibly choosing to fill the space with smaller franchises like Bully or Max Payne. However, Bully 2 was supposedly canned during development, so that could be ruled out.

Rockstar also posted a job listing for an 'Environment Artist' in July 2019, hinting at the potential for the title to be earlier in its development cycle than some may have anticipated, and reinforcing the claims that Giamio made earlier in the same month.

Where will GTA 6 map be set?

The location for the GTA 6 map has been a point of contention for fans in recent months. London was thought to be an early candidate but recent leaks and rumors have put a dampener on this theory.

GTA 6 map locations vary from the aforementioned London, to a remake of Los Angeles, and Miami to a new location such as Chicago.

It seems unlikely that we'll be back in Los Santos for GTA 6.

There are a plethora of fan ideas out there, doing the rounds, about where GTA 6 will be set. In all honesty, there's no way of predicting that with the information we have available to us.

Rumors have suggested that a return to Vice City could be on the cards, potentially even based somewhere in South America and even bringing Asia into the mix. One leak even claimed that the game would be set in the 70s or 90s, although some have shot down this as being incorrect.

Of course, there’s also a rumor that Rockstar plans to recreate the entirety of the United States, although that's likely a step too far. One more realistic suggestion, which came from a review on Glassdoor, claimed that GTA 6 will be made up of previous Grand Theft Auto locations to make up America. Nothing has been confirmed in that respect, though.

A recent job listing from Rockstar North for a Character Costume & Wardrobe Stylist notes that Rockstar is "looking for someone with a deep appreciation of the history and cultural importance which clothing plays in society; from past eras to modern, global street styles and trends." This may be an indicator that GTA 6 will take place across multiple decades and locations.

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor were hits with fans, but we likely won't see them in GTA 6.

What will the GTA 6 story be? Who are the characters?

There’s a lot of speculation about whether there will be one main character, or multiple characters like we saw in GTA V. Yet, a rumor from the Daily Star stated that Rockstar could do something they have never done before and introduce a leading female character in GTA 6. However, it's difficult to know just how accurate that is.

One supposed leak suggests that the game will follow a low-level drug deal named Ricardo, and his journey to becoming a drug lord in Vice City, but of course, this hasn't been confirmed and its validity is unknown.

Another rumor, reported by TechnoBezz, suggests that Rockstar might move away from the Co-Op campaign of GTA V and instead switch to Team Campaign missions, which could potentially bring a fresh element of competitive play to the story mode in GTA 6.

Whether or not that will be included, though, remains to be seen, considering they didn't follow suit in Red Dead Redemption 2 despite the protagonist being a part of a huge posse.

One leak suggested GTA 6 would be a PS5 exclusive, but that seems unlikely.

Have any leaks surfaced about GTA 6?

Information about GTA 6 is thin on the ground, but a Reddit user who claimed to have friends working for Kotaku, PC Gamer, and even Rockstar itself posted a list of supposed leaks about the title, although none of them can be truly verified for accuracy.

Alongside word that it will be set in Vice City and an unnamed version of Rio De Janeiro, the leaker suggests that it has been heavily inspired on the Netflix show Narcos, and will feature major weather elements such as hurricanes and floods.

Another leak from an anonymous Reddit user on August 13 almost seems too detailed to be fabricated, with the Reddit post going on to explain how GTA 6 will be international and that "the game will begin in 1970s Liberty City as you play as a low-level gangster in the Spanish Broker/Harlem district of Liberty."

According to the source, the campaign will include three acts: the prologue (set in 1978), the main story (set in 1980) and the epilogue (set in the present day). Should this hold water, this will have huge implications on the way you will interact and communicate in-game.

Plenty of leaks have surfaced about GTA 6

Supposedly, the first GTA VI screenshots leaked onto Reddit on September 11, with the post being swiftly deleted by the user. Like many 'screenshots' that claim to be real, the images were blurred as though taken in a hurry.

One of the pictures showed off who could potentially be the game's protagonist, though it's hard to see his face clearly as it is taken from a side angle. The background is a night time cityscape, which corroborates the Vice City setting rumors. Another image appears to be taken from an in-game cinematic or cutscene and shows a cop car in the rain.

A screenshot of actual gameplay was also supposedly leaked, and shows off what is possibly GTA 6's user interface and mini map.


It's unclear as to what 'leaks' and rumors can be perceived as accurate at this stage, especially given that the title or even it's development hasn't been confirmed by the developers or anyone close to Rockstar.

There is a strong likelihood that it will be released on the new PlayStation 5 console and Xbox's Project Scarlett as well, although even that is yet to be confirmed.

This post will be updated with rumors, news and more as it becomes available.

Last updated 11:41 (EST) on December 1, 2019.