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GTA • May 14, 2019

When is GTA 6 coming out? Rumors, release date, story and more for the next Grand Theft Auto game

When is GTA 6 coming out? Rumors, release date, story and more for the next Grand Theft Auto game

When is the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise going to be released? Leaks are starting to paint a picture as to what GTA 6 could entail. Its release is a when, rather than an if, though. Here’s everything we know so far.


Grand Theft Auto V was one of the biggest, best, and most enjoyable video gaming experiences you're ever likely to have, but it's been over five years since the game was released, and fans are desperate for information about GTA VI.

Following numerous relatively credible leaks, GTA 6 is slowly etching its way into reality. Former and current employees have at the very least alluded to its existence.

Some of these seem to have been mistakes, such as one former employee listing direct GTA 6 involvement on their resume. Another, which is arguably the most informative leak to date, purposely reveals map information.

The leaks have been frequent in the lead up to E3 2019 with a shock Rockstar announcement rumored for the event.

GTA outselling RDR2

Rockstar have done an excellent job of keeping GTA Online exciting, and the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on October 26, 2018, was a massive success, but now fans are setting their sights on what comes next.

Despite coming out five years to previous to Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA 5 is still outselling its fellow Rockstar game. According to RDR2, not only is GTA 5 generating more in-game purchases, it is actually outselling it too.

In January 2019, GTA 5 was the fourth best selling game on console, whereas Red Dead Redemption 2 was eighth. This is astonishing considering how long GTA V has been out for. This is all the evidence needed to show that GTA 6 is an eventuality.

Believe it or not, GTA V came out over five years ago.

When is GTA 6 being released?

Typically speaking, there has always been a gap of around four or five years between Grand Theft Auto titles. Unfortunately, for that pattern to have held true, the new game would have been due for release in 2018. 

Given the fact that Red Dead 2 came out in October of 2018, it isn't surprising we haven't had a GTA 6 announcement yet. In fact all things Grand Theft Auto 6 have been eerily silent. However, back in January 2019, Rockstar posted a number of new job openings that could hint that development on GTA VI has begun. The company is looking for a number of animation specialists, specifically experts in facial animation, which could see incredible lifelike graphics coming to the next iteration of Grand Theft Auto.

Recent leaks have suggested that GTA 6 won't be released prior to the next generation consoles. Therefore, we won't see GTA 6 until November 2020 at the earliest.

So far, every leak or rumor has not been commented on by Rockstar, so we’ll have to wait and see what the future holds!


Where will GTA 6 map be set?

The location for the GTA 6 map has been a point of contention for fans in recent months. London was thought to be an early candidate but recent leaks and rumors have put a dampener on this theory.

GTA 6 map locations vary from the aforementioned London, to a remake of LA and Miami to a new location such as Chicago.

Could Los Santos be making a quick return?

The next most popular theory for a destination is that GTA will finally return to Vice City - the franchise’s take on South Florida - for the first time since 2002.

This rumor comes with a twist, though, as many fans have suggested that there could be an element of travel between Vice City and somewhere in South America. If this is the case, the open world without loading screens that we saw in GTA V might be hard to replicate.

Of course, there’s also a rumor that Rockstar plans to recreate the entirety of the United States. Usually, we’d say this is nothing more than crazy speculation, but the developers of GTA have never been ones to shy away from a challenge!

Update: A review on Glassdoor has strongly hinted that GTA 6 will be made up of previous Grand Theft Auto locations to make up America. With all the information currently available, and the fact that GTA 6 is rumored to only appear on next generation consoles because of memory limitations, GTA 6 being made up of multiple past Grand Theft Auto locations seems a good bet.


The GTA 5 characters were a big hit with fans.

What will the GTA 6 story be? Who are the characters?

It seems very unlikely that everyone’s favorite characters from GTA V, Trevor, Franklin and Michael, will feature in the next game. Perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to get some cameo appearances, but their stories appear to be over.

There’s a lot of speculation about whether there will be one main character, multiple characters like we saw in GTA V, leading female characters and much more. Unfortunately, we won’t know anything for certain until an official game announcement is made.

The same goes for the story - we won't know anything for a while yet, in terms of specifics. Luckily, Rockstar's incredible attention to detail and engrossing stories in games like GTA 5 and Red Dead 2 means that we can have complete faith in them!

A recent rumor, reported by TechnoBezz, suggests that Rockstar might move away from Co-Op campaign and instead switch to Team Campaign missions, which could potentially bring a fresh element of competitive play to the story mode in GTA 6. This would involve online squads competing against each other in some capacity during missions. 

Whether or not that will be included, though, remains to be seen.

A GTA 6 PS5 exclusive would send shockwaves through the gaming industry...

GTA 6 PS5 exclusive?

Another GTA 6 rumor circulating is that GTA 6 could actually be exclusive to the PS5. Given a PS5 announcement is expected soon, and we have no news of GTA 6, many are assuming the next instalment of GTA will be made for the next generation of consoles.

Shockingly, this could be for the PS5 only, however. Rumors are suggesting that Sony are interested in a potential takeover of Take-Two Interactive Software, the parent company of Rockstar. If true, the result of this could potentially be GTA 6 being exclusive to the PS5.

This could alter the gaming landscape and would likely be considered the biggest exclusive in gaming history. It would also deal a huge blow to Microsoft.

Update: A spokesperson for Sony has stated, “we do not know where the rumor is coming from, but there is no such plan.”

There you have it, crisis averted for Xbox players. As expected GTA 6 will almost certainly appear on all major platforms. This makes sense for Take-Two and Rockstar as this will generate the most sales and reach the largest audience.

The leak which is linked earlier in the article states that GTA 6 will be next gen only. Given the expected enormity of the game this doesn't come as a surprise.

This post will be updated with rumors, news and more as it becomes available. To keep up with all of the latest GTA 6 news and more, follow @Dexerto on Twitter.

Last updated 08:38 ET, May 14, 2019

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