Summit1g discovers GTA RP Casino “rigging” Blackjack and it’s hilarious

Summit1g gta rp casinoSummit1g / Rockstar Games

Twitch star Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar decided to take his Charles Johnson character to the newly opened GTA RP Casino on the NoPixel server, but it didn’t exactly go as planned. 

The gambling center has been one of the map’s most exciting additions, period, since Rockstar Games decided to open its doors back in July 2019. It’s never been available in the game’s spinoff roleplaying server, though, until February 18, 2021.

NoPixel devs were hard at work, trying to make sure that things went to plan. However, quite quickly the leader of the 1G Squad made it known that something wasn’t quite right about its Blackjack tables.

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GTA Online CasinoRockstar Games
The GTA Diamond Casino is now open in GTA RP’s NoPixel server.

Summit1g get trolled in GTA RP casino

The variety streamer, who has recently taken a break from his Escape from Tarkov stint to play GTA RP again, couldn’t believe what he was seeing in a couple of exchanges with a dealer.

Having been drawn an Ace and a 10 card, only to see a Jack come out – he had 21. Trouble is, so did his dealer, which meant that he wouldn’t be winning or losing this time, despite the good hand.

However, it didn’t take long for him to realize that in this GTA RP Casino, not all players play to the rules. The dealer took summit’s money and continued like nothing happened.

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Now, for those who don’t know – in a case of a tie between the Blackjack player and dealer, neither party should lose or win at the table. Instead, bets are returned on both sides. Here, though, a glitch cost summit and meant he lost $500.

He said: “Chat, I lose that? We tied. That’s not – that’s rigged. I win with the… That’s bulls**t. I got Blackjack. That’s bulls**t.”

In his typical style, he didn’t take any of this too seriously and laughed off what was ultimately a hilarious moment for his viewers.

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Messy NoPixel Casino opening

Actually, this wasn’t the only issue to have been spotted surrounding the casino’s opening, as some tables were calling “bugged” by several players.

One of the server devs – Koil – eventually stepped in to ask about the problems.

After summit stormed off from a game, Koil said he would report the problems to Dean. He’s the one who owns the Casino and is part of the server’s staff, assuring the streamer he would be issued a refund.

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“You should still get a payout or your money back maybe,” he said. “Yeah, you should still get your payment back. I’m going to go talk to Dean, he does that part of things.”

While it was funny to see summit trolled a few times, making sure the games inside the complex work as intended will be their top priority. With a VIP Pass secured, he’s likely to return in a future stream regardless – with big money on the line.

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