GTA 5 Online: Los Santos casino is finally opening Rockstar confirms

Paul Cot

After years of speculation, Rockstar have confirmed that a brand new casino is coming to GTA 5 online.

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In a Twitter post to Rockstar Games’ 9.8 million followers, they shared a short video with the caption “Opening soon: A luxury casino in the heart of Vinewood…”

The short video that accompanies the Tweet shows nothing more than a flashing GTA logo with various casino-related items surrounding it. Despite being short and sweet, the video does finally confirm what a lot of Grand Theft Auto fans had suspected all along – the casino is coming soon.

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Those who know Los Santos inside out, or those who search GTA online a lot, will know that an unannounced server side update finally removed the opening soon banner from the front of it. This was in addition to replacing construction materials. The change appears to have been an intentional tease which didn’t take long for players to notice.

The casino has sat in the heart of Vinewood since Grand Theft Auto 5 released in 2013. This means the casino has been a long time in the making, with a lot of players expecting it to open several years ago now.

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GTA 5’s new casino will be located in Vinewood…
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What kind of mischievous activity the casino will allow GTA players to do remains to be seen but it probably won’t be above board! It could potentially play out as its own separate game with players being able to bet their GTA dollars against each other in various traditional casino games such as roulette and poker.

There had been rumors that the casino may not open after all because of the negative connotations gambling can bring to a game. Popular games such as FIFA have come under fire in recent months as their micro-transaction system is considered gambling by many.

Nevertheless, GTA 5’s casino is indeed opening and probably soon. The release date is expected to be late June or early July. Historically, Rockstar have provided quarterly updates although there has been no major update since 2018.