Rockstar nerfed GTA Online’s fastest money grab and players are not happy about it

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Cayo Perico is GTA Online’s most efficient cash source but Rockstar has now tuned it down to promote exploration and teamwork over mindless grinding for money.

There is no better way to farm cash in GTA Online than the Cayo Perico Heist. It has been the default way to generate money at a fast rate ever since it launched back in 2020.

In 2022, one player generated a mind-bending $100 million in a week by grinding it out as often as the game would allow.

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So, when Rockstar slid in some casual nerfs to the beloved mission, it’s safe to say that the reception was less than spectacular all around.

GTA Online fans unhappy over Cayo Perico Heist nerfs

The thing that made Cayo so attractive as a cash farm was the ability to run it repeatedly by yourself, giving even the loneliest players a reliable source of income given that they were willing to spend the time. These new changes will make that far more difficult though.

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As first noted by TezFunz2, solo players will now have to wait for three in-game days (two hours and fourteen minutes in real time) before being able to queue in again.

Groups of players managed to fare much better, only having to wait a third of that time, but it’s still a far cry from the original 15 or so minutes that it would take to launch back in before this change.

This sparked some serious outrage from dedicated players. One fan went so far as to claim that the once-perfect raid is now useless. “I f***ing knew they would mess something up again. Rockstar just can never do anything right. Cayo was perfect as it was.”

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Another player raised the point that the sentiment of encouraging community interaction is worthwhile, but that there are better ways to do it: “I understand that they want players to play together but this is bulls**t.”

This update also brings on some anti-griefing measures which might make it easier to get along with other people in Los Santos but if these comments are any indication, the player base might not be opening up their hearts and making new connections any time soon.

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