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Rockstar drop GTA Online hotfix to address invisible MK II Oppressor bug

Published: 25/Sep/2020 11:07 Updated: 25/Sep/2020 11:12

by Connor Bennett


Rockstar Games have rolled out a background update and hotfix to address the invisible MK II Oppressor glitch in GTA Online. 

While the majority of GTA Online players all about earning money legitimately and playing through missions, races, or heists, there are plenty who have a few dastardly tricks up their sleeves – be it through an exploit, glitch or flat out hack.

More often than not, a lobby will have a God Mode cheater in and you can find some who rain fake money down from the skies but more recently, the most annoying glitch revolved around the MK II Oppressor hoverbike.


Players uncovered a glitch whereby they could mess with the Rockstar Creator menus and then make themselves invisible in lobbies – meaning they could fly around and blow someone up without ever being seen. 

MKII Opressor in GTA Online
Rockstar Games
The glitch made the hoverbike go invisible in public lobbies.

When it was first found, it had all the makings of a pretty annoying glitch if it became widespread but Rockstar have moved to get rid of the problem before it drives players away from GTA Online.

Rockstar insider TezFun noted, that on September 24, the devs had rolled out a hotfix to get things straightened out. 

Instead of everyone downloading a big patch, though, TezFun added that the hotfix came in the background. Meaning that nothing needed to be downloaded and then once you drop into GTA Online again, the glitch can no longer be replicated – at least following along with the original steps. 


Of course, as time goes on, players will more than likely find another way to make their hoverbikes invisible and spark chaos across Los Santos.

For now, though, you can drop into Grand Theft Auto Online without the fear of having to run away from a MK II Oppressor that you can’t see. Though, you probably will still have to run away from one that you can see. They’re still pretty annoying.