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Modern Warfare’s Shipment comes to life in GTA Online map creation

Published: 8/May/2020 8:48

by Brad Norton


One of the most iconic maps in Call of Duty history is now available to play in Grand Theft Auto Online’s Deathmatch mode, thanks to an authentic fan recreation.

Since 2007’s Modern Warfare, Shipment has stood out as one of the most chaotic maps in series history. Its tight-knit layout leads to non-stop action as players spawn straight in the midst of battle.

Infinity Ward reintroduced the map to a whole new generation with 2019’s remake in the latest Modern Warfare. However, now Grand Theft Auto Online players can get in on the fun too, thanks to an exciting new recreation.


Infinity Ward
Shipment was recently brought back in 2019’s Modern Warfare release.

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Loading into their custom lobby on May 7, Reddit user ‘WYarranton’ revealed an exceptional recreation that captures the look and feel of Shipment.

Third-person mode is available, but playing from a first-person perspective is sure to be the most nostalgic experience. The extremely small map is littered with shipping containers that should make Modern Warfare players feel right at home.

Given the up-close and personal nature of the map, players should expect to find kills extremely quickly, if they’re not taken out the moment they spawn in.

I created a death match based on Shipment from Modern Warfare (2019) from gtaonline

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Blending the classic map with GTA’s style of deathmatch, the creator shook things up in a number of unique ways. 


Weapon drops can be found scattered across the ground. Allowing players to swap from their standard loadouts to more powerful, automatic weaponry. Along with explosives to boot.

The map is also limited for 2-4 players only. While the current version of the map caters to many more players, this decision keeps GTA’s deathmatch more tactical than chaotic. 

Infinity Ward
The original map can now be enjoyed in GTA Online.

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You can bookmark the creation and test it out with a group of friends right here thanks to WYarranton.

Perhaps more popular Modern Warfare maps will soon make their way to GTA Online if this recreation goes down well.