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Leak claims GTA 6 could be delayed for medieval Rockstar game

Published: 25/Nov/2019 11:42

by Connor Bennett


A new leak has suggested that GTA 6’s release could be delayed with Rockstar Games working on a new, secret project that revolves around a medieval theme. 

Grand Theft Auto fans have been in an excruciating waiting period for anything related to the confirmation that they’ll be getting GTA 6 in the near future. 

The uber-popular sandbox franchise has given way to Red Dead Redemption 2, which finally launched on PC at the start of November, and has received numerous content updates to the multiplayer side of things. However, leaks – with the validity of many being in question – have surfaced for GTA 6, but a new one could dent the hopes of fans who want it sooner rather than later.


RockstarGTA V was hugely successful for Rockstar, and the wait for GTA 6 rumbles on.

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A post on the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit, which is full of correct and incorrect information, suggests that Rockstar is working on an open-world medieval title instead of GTA 6 and Bully 2.

Unlike previous apparent GTA ‘leaks’ there is no code name for the title, but, the poster does note that sword fighting and dueling would be a key mechanic – with the project apparently being aimed for release in early 2021.

Rockstar are developing open-world game with medieval setting from GamingLeaksAndRumours

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Now, while it may seem like a completely left-field piece of information, seeing as Rockstar hasn’t explored the medieval setting previously, it may line up with an earlier LinkedIn post.


Back on November 18, users on the GTA6 subreddit uncovered a LinkedIn profile from an Indian developer at Dhruva Interactive – a game studio that recently became a part of Rockstar – that also had hinted at a medieval project. 

“Creating modular environment pieces with organic finish carefully following medieval architecture style,” reads one of the responsibilities for the role of an environmental artist. 

Hey guys I found a big one! Don’t steal> (Mr. Bossforthetheft) :)). I will post another post showing his profile and you guys can look at his current projects he is working on. from GTA6

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While plenty of fans will have doubts, and rightly so, it is worth taking these findings with a massive pinch of salt seeing as GTA 6 hasn’t even been announced yet, let alone delayed entirely. 

There have been rumblings about a possible annoucement for GTA 6 at the upcoming PlayStation awards, as well as a PlayStation 5 pre-order bundle, but we’ll just have to wait and see what comes next.