How to safely enter GTA Online's USS Luxington Business Battle

How to safely enter GTA Online’s USS Luxington Business Battle

Published: 21/Aug/2020 11:11

by David Purcell


Rockstar Games have made it very difficult for GTA Online players to be able to safely enter the USS Luxington Business Battle in-game, although there’s one handy trick that makes it look easy.

The game developers have added a plethora of missions to the game, with boosted rewards included in each content update that drops every week. There are some that are easier to enter than others, though, and this one might be the most difficult to get involved with.

For those who have never seen it before, the crux of the matter here is that you need to use a plane or boat to get into the action. There’s a huge battleship based in the water, guarded by some of the most dangerous weapons the game has to offer, so it’s very easy to get gunned down.

Well, players have found a better way.

GTA Online USS Luxington Business Battle: How to play

GTA Online USS Luxington Business Battle
Rockstar Games
The USS Luxington might look like it’s waiting for you to jump on board, but it’s guarded by heavy military forces.

Coming in hot on the water might be a bad idea, because explosives will be fired your way in no time. After all, it’s guarded by the Navy.

If you follow the step-by-step guide below, though, you will be playing this mission regularly without any issues. Just like any other Business Battle, this one offers $10,000 per crate of goods, with other bonuses on top depending on the time taken to complete them.

If you want to play USS Luxington, here’s how to do it:

  1. Jump into GTA Online.
  2. Make sure you have a Parachute and mission-ready weapons equipped. Check-in your inventory if you’re not sure.
  3. From there, hop into the nearest plane you can find.
  4. Fly over to the USS Luxington aircraft carrier. It’s located in the southeast sea of Los Santos.
  5. Reach the highest altitude and then jump out, freefalling.
  6. Pull your parachute very low to the ground, hop onto the vessel and the mission begins.

It might look even easier in this Reddit post guide, from user RY4NDY.

If you open your parachute very late it is possible to safely enter the USS Luxington business battle by jumping out of a plane, without the air defenses shooting you down. (The air defenses do only lock on when you’re in a vehicle or hanging on your parachute, not when you’re still freefalling) from gtaonline

USS Luxington location in GTA Online

The southeast sea of Los Santos was a pretty vague description of its location, so we thought we should give you a closer look. After all, it’s not the easiest thing to spot if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

To find it in-game, fly past the Los Santos International Airport and keep going to the Southeast corner of the map’s water. Here, as seen below, you will eventually come to the ship’s destination.

USS Luxington
Rockstar Games
Here’s where to find the USS Luxington in GTA Online.

Floating around there on a small raft, like we can see in the screenshot might not be the best idea, though, and the parachute trick is potentially the safest way to gain access.

Once onboard, everything works like a general Business Battle mission. Take what you can, get a load of eliminations, and of course enjoy the rewards as well.


GTA V is channeling Cyberpunk 2077 with this new mod

Published: 21/Oct/2020 10:10

by Lauren Bergin


A new set of mods for Grand Theft Auto V are making it look exactly like Cyberpunk 2077 – if not even better. 

Cyberpunk 2077 has become one of the most hyped games in recent history. Despite several delays in the game’s development, the title is nearly here, with a release date set for November 19.

It’s safe to say that the whole gaming universe is excited to see what Cyberpunk will bring to the table, especially when screenshots of the game show a masterfully crafted future world filled to the brim with adventure and vice.

However, it has been quite the wait for the game to finally make its way onto our screens. In response, one very excited (and possibly slightly bored) fan took matters into his own hands, modding GTA V to create a neo-dystopian universe not dissimilar to that of Cyberpunk’s Night City.


GTA V Cyberpunk Mods

As seen in screenshots taken by EA DICE’s Petri Levälahti, the city of Los Santos has been completely transformed into a replica of Night City, emanating the same neon grungy feel of the futuristic metropolis.

Not only this, the screenshots show the city’s inhabitants, all of whom would fit perfectly into the Cyberpunk universe. Several colorful female characters are shown, each sporting cybergoth style outfits, large cyber cannons and robotic visors.


A wave of positive feedback greeted Levälahti, with GTA and Cyberpunk fans alike all desperate to explore the streets of Levälahti’s GTA Night City. Several others came forward with their own futuristic mods of the game, each one sporting similar traits.

Despite the long wait and the mystery surrounding the game, it’s clear that gamers from all different backgrounds, game specialities and corners of the globe are excited to get their hands on Cyberpunk 2077. By modding GTA V, Levälahti has clearly started a trend, as well as helped add to the buzz surrounding the imminent release of the newest sensational title.

So strap yourselves in for a wild ride around Night City. Whether it’s the GTA version or Cyberpunk one: it’s going to be fun.