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How to replay GTA Online heists without setup missions

Published: 5/Jun/2020 11:28

by Connor Bennett


Completing heists is the best way to rack up cash in GTA Online, and while they are pretty time consuming, some players have got ways to skip all the setup phases and head right for the robbery. 

When GTA Online was initially released, players were desperate for the big money heists that had been so popular in the single-player portion of the game. A long wait unfolded before five heists were added to the mix. 

Since then, things have gotten a little crazier with the introduction of the Diamond Casino Heist as players are able to partake in a long-winded robbery of the game’s casino. Even though fans would like to complete heists every few minutes, it isn’t quite possible. Yet, you can speed things up.


Rockstar Games
Having more GTA Online cash means you can take on the heists.

How to quickly replay GTA Heists on PC

The quick replay trick was pointed out by a number of Reddit users, and like many other GTA Online glitches, it revolves around knocking yourself offline just before the server has time to save your progress.

By doing so, you’ll be disconnected from the heist but your teammates will still complete it – thus putting you back to the point where you’re about to start the heist and give someone else a bigger slice of the payout. PC users can follow the below steps.

  1. Get towards the end of your selected heist
  2. Open your phone in-game
  3. Put GTA Online into windowed/borderless mode and open task manager
  4. Find GTA V in task manager and quit as soon as the phone exits the screen

How to replay GTA Heists on Xbox and PS4

If you’re on a console, things can be a little easier but you still have to get your timing right. By quitting the game off as the heist comes to a close and you hear the ‘heist complete’ noise, you’ll be able to replay it quickly.


  1. Get towards the end of your selected GTA Online heist
  2. Hold the middle button on your controller to open your close application menu
  3. Close application as soon as the heist complete noise rings out

Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games
The GTA Casino heist is one of the most lucrative in-game.

Now, these methods are quite the loophole, and some players have noted that it is difficult for Rockstar to patch or even reprimand fans for using it. Though, that is unconfirmed. 

Not that long ago, the developers did roll out a huge ban wave on players who were exploiting glitches to put billions of GTA Online dollars into their Maze Bank account. So, you might want to tread carefully.