How to play GTA Online’s new Formula 1 Open Wheel races

Rockstar Games

The long-awaited Formula One cars are now in GTA Online and available to be used in the Open Wheel Series but how do you start these races? Here’s what we know. 

When Rockstar Games released the Diamond Casino & Resort heist update back on December 12, fans were instantly greeted with a list of leaked vehicles. Of these 20 new cars, two immediately stood out from the pack – the Progen PR4 and Ocelot R88. 

These Formula 1-inspired racing cars quickly became sought after, with fans begging for a release date. After weeks of waiting, the PR4 became available as the podium car prize from the casino’s daily spin wheel – with the pair of F1 cars going up for sale on February 27 via the Legendary Motorsports website. 

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Rockstar Games
The PR4 in red and the R88 in blue can both be customized to look like real-life F1 cars.

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How to start GTA Online’s Formula One races

With the arrival of these cars, the Open Wheel race series have sprung up around Los Santos – taking the GTA races off the open streets and putting them on a track with a grid and everything else you’d find from an F1 race. 

These races are highlighted on the game’s map by a small pink racing car and you will also receive invites from Simeon to your phone. 

  1. Start a GTA Online session.
  2. Hold the back button to open the quick GPS menu.
  3. From ‘none,’ tap once to the left to Open Wheel series.
  4. Follow your GPS to the location of the race.
  5. Enter the pink zone and press right on your D-Pad to launch the race.

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Do you need to own an F1 car to play GTA Online races?

Now, if you’re a fan of GTA Online but don’t have the cash to splash on either the Progen PR4 or Ocelot R88, don’t panic, you can still play these races. 

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You just have to follow the step-by-step from above and you’ll be able to take part with a base car that the game allows you to use. That means that you might lag behind if someone else has an upgraded Formula One car but at least you’ll be able to race one.

Taking part in a race from February 27 to March 5 will give you double cash payouts so, if you grind hard enough, you might be able to own one eventually.

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Are there any custom GTA F1 races? 

As of right now, these races all fall under the Rockstar Created playlists, which means that they’ve been curated and tested by the developers.

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Soon enough, though, you will see custom races popping up across GTA Online as creative players start to come up with some interesting courses.

Some of the GTA Open Wheel races really look like real-world Formula One races.

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Until then though, you’ll just have to enjoy putting pedal to the metal with these Rockstar races and trying to finish on top of the podium. If you’re quick enough, the prizes on offer are very big – for a limited time. 

Best of luck out there and happy racing!