How to get more kills in GTA Online: Best weapons and more

GTA character holding the RailgunRockstar Games

There are plenty of works to terrorize your enemies in GTA Online, but which weapons will give you the best chance to rack up kills? Here, we break down a few options at your disposal. 

Even though GTA V is nearly a decade old, some players have only just started dropping into GTA Online thanks to the game recently being free on the Epic Games Store. 

As a result, there a tonne of new players on the streets of Los Santos looking to earn money, wage war, and even just fit in with more experienced fans. So, if you fall into this category of new players and want to find out what weapons are best to use in GTA Online, we’ve got that laid out for you.

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Rockstar Games
Players have been flooding to GTA Online since GTA V went free on Epic.

Always purchase armor from Ammu-Nation

Now, players who have got GTA V via the Epic Games Store have also been able to redeem bonuses from the Premium Edition. This gives you a leg up with $1 million in starting cash, a few vehicles, and properties.

As well as those, you also get a few weapons. These are the Compact Grenade Launcher, Marksman Rifle, and Compact Rifle. These are pretty helpful as they will do some serious damage right off the bat. Though, they can be upgraded for a few thousand dollars. You should also use this cash to purchase Super Heavy Armour as that will let you fend off a couple of enemy attacks. 

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Rockstar Games
The Criminal Enterprise Starter pack has a few free GTA Online weapons inside.

Best bargain and melee weapons in GTA Online

If you’re still waiting for the $1,000,000 bonus to hit your Maze Bank account and don’t have much money to your name, we’ve also got a few bargain options that might be up your street.

If you want to do your work up-close and personal, grab a Hatchet melee weapon for $750. If you want a rifle that packs a little bit of a punch, the Special Carbine costs $14,750 and will work well. You can also get the Bullpup Rifle for $14,500, which is also a decent alternative.

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Best GTA Online weapons for over $100,000

However, if that bonus check has cashed and you want to go all out on your self-defense, there are few premium options that you can choose. The Widowmaker will set you back close to $500,000 but you can rein down on enemies with laser shots.

The Up-N-Atomizer is slightly cheaper at $399,000 and can provide some great fun. However, the $449,000 Unholy Hellbringer might be the best of the lot. These three weapons will also allow you to put some considerable distance between yourself and your targets – something you should be doing with every weapon pretty much. 

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GTA Online Up-n-AtomizerRockstar Games
The Up-N-Atomizer is a great way to run roughshod over GTA Online enemies.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for you to choose from when it comes to weapons, but you will need some serious cash if you want to really pack a punch. 

Though, like every game, it is all about experimenting and finding what you think suits you. So, get out in Los Santos, find your groove, and then decide how you want to terrorize your enemies.